Potentially catastrophic winds possibly as strong as the mythical “Big Blow”

This map illustrates what’s headed right for the Pacific Northwest. Although portrayed in the media as a separate series of storms, what we’re really seeing is the long arm of Typhoon Songda (circled in red), a singular Weather Event beginning in the waters off of Asia and stretching all the way across the Pacific.

The resulting rain and winds could equal those of the infamous 1962 “Big Blow,” which killed 47 people:

Even usually staid and measured local weather guru Cliff Mass is “blown away”:

The infrared satellite imagery shows an amazing plume of moisture across the Pacific leading to Typhoon Songda. Never saw anything like this.

Although it’s still difficult to attribute single weather events to climate change, it’s already well established that the warming climate is strengthening tropical storms (hurricanes and typhoons):

It’s certainly possible that events like this will become more frequent over the coming decades. Warming the temperatures of the oceans certainly isn’t helping.

Regardless, if you live anywhere in impacted areas, it’s a good idea to stock up on batteries, flashlights, candles, and water.

Just sayin’.