Foraging feels to me like an utterly rational exercise.
Have to disagree… Foraging feels to me like an utterly rational exercise.
Tim Boucher

Yes! From mushrooms to pigweed, dandelions to sorrel, there are so many tasty treats. When I get to harvest wild edibles I often feel like I’m getting away with something! Something for nothing is kinda nice. It allows for a sense of belonging to a landscape, an easy familiarity. Of course, I love the act of planting and caring for things but there’s just something so natural about taking the time to learn what we can eat that just grows in the landscape around us.

Funny thing, much of it is so delicious and equally nutritious. Pigweed is a fantastic green in the amaranth family and easy to harvest. The plants I harvested from last year were 6 feet tall!! And dandelions mixed with basil and chopped hickory nuts from the tree outside my door makes for some of the best pesto you could ask for.

Something else to that’s fun but not quite harvesting “wild” food is the stuff that starts to inhabit an area on its own after it’s been gardened. Kale is a great example of this. I’ve got it coming up everywhere in the area around my tiny cabin and might not need to plant it any more. It self seeds every couple of years and I can harvest it like a wild plant.

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