Jess: Data Structures, Week 4

Chapter 3: Lists, Stacks, and Queues

3.1 You are given a list, L, and another list, P, containing integers sorted in ascending order. The operation printLots(L,P) will print the elements in L that are in positions specified by P. For instance, if P = 1, 3, 4, 6, the elements in positions 1, 3, 4, and 6 in L are printed. Write the procedure printLots(L,P). You may use only the public Collections API container operations.

3.7 What is the running time of the following code?


3.11 Assume that a singly linked list is implemented with a header node, but no tail node, and that it maintains only a reference to the header node. Write a class that includes methods to:

a. return the size of the linked list

b. print the linked list

c. test if a value x is contained in the linked list

d. add a value x if it is not already contained in the linked list

e. remove a value x if it is contained in the linked list

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