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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Keats, organize my Google Drive.

My Google Drive is a mess. And Invisible’s company Google Drive is too. I don’t have time to clean these messes. There are a bunch of files and folders that need to be organized.

Here are my initial high-level requirements:

  • I want every file and folder to follow a consistent title scheme.
  • I want every doc, sheet, and slides file to have consistent formatting.
  • I want brand guidelines to be observed across all files.
  • I want all files to be properly timestamped.
  • I want a folder hierarchy that makes intuitive sense.
  • I want an ongoing maintenance process, so that as new files and folders get added, they get automatically integrated into the folder hierarchy.

Once you’re set up, then the real work begins.

I want to systematically publish all files on Medium, as long as they’re A) of interest, B) they don’t contain client information. These will fall into three categories: 1) files that don’t require further editing or explanation and can be published as-is, 2) files that require further editing or explanation but can be edited by you, and 3) files that require my time as an editor. Publish category 1 immediately, publish Category 2 once you’re done editing them, and queue up Category 3 for me in my drafts.