Mon…er Tuesday Motivation! Invisible Insights…or why you should read, make art, tell stories, and more in 2019!

Happy Mon…er…Tuesday Invisible! I was so busy with heads down work yesterday I forgot to hit publish on this piece, please excuse the inspiration tardiness. And welcome to 2019!

I want to talk about a new initiative that we’re rolling out company-wide this year, Invisible Insights.

As a fully remote, global technology company our greatest strengths are flexibility, freedom, and diversity that we can leverage across our entire workforce. However, we need to improve the interconnectedness of all of our staff to really reap those benefits. Innovation, creativity, meaning, and purpose all result from feeling connected, inspired, and committed to others. And that is a challenge when you can’t drop by someone’s desk every day or speak with people face-to-face.

To increase our wellsprings of companionship we’re going to start something I’m calling Invisible Insights…a mindset of sharing, inspiring, teaching, and creating amongst the workforce. I want everyone to feel empowered to share things that are inspiring, provocative, motivating, enlightening, thoughtful, or funny….in short, anything INSIGHTFUL. This could look like many things:

- Book recommendations

- New technology ideas

- Recipes

- Favorite pieces of art (and why they move you)

- Poems

- Latest tech article on machine learning

- Funny anecdotes from your 4 year old (we all know kids have great wisdom)

- Music

- Cultural or religious practices and why you find them meaningful

- Snippets of philosophy

The list is endless. There are 88 staff members at Invisible…I expect at least 88 ideas!

Invisible Insights is an open initiative that can evolve and grow into anything the company needs it to be. I envision community and common interest groups growing out of what we share and learn from each other. That might be a tech group that chats about advances in AI…or a working mum’s group in East Africa…even better, a merging of both!

Send your Invisible Insights to me at