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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

We can automate your work.

The average knowledge worker spends 41% of their time on tasks that could be handled better by others.

In theory, all work that can be turned into a set of instructions should be delegated. But in practice, it isn’t. Why?

Normally, delegation is necessary for automation. But delegation is expensive. It often takes longer than to do the task itself. And requires analytical effort to break down something intuitive into a set of instructions.

We make delegation easy. Delegate by phone or by text, and even if you don’t have time to explain exactly what you want, we’ll guess. Later on you can give us feedback or add preferences.

But this isn’t good enough. Unless an extremely inefficient process is consuming your time, you might forget to delegate. You need a menu of processes to show you what is possible.

Still not good enough. Your needs are custom. You need someone silently watching you while you work and writing down sets of instructions.

No delegation is necessary. If you let us, we can record your screen while you work — for hours every day — then let you know what can be automated.

Right now, we do the analysis after-the-fact. But soon, we will be doing analysis in real-time, literally working-with-you, operating in pairing mode, on a task-by-task basis.

ROI is easy to track. By watching you work, we can tell you how much time automation is saving you every month.

The benefits of letting your synthetic intelligence save thousands of hours of work for you every year will soon become so overwhelming you won’t give a second thought to letting digital assistants watch you work. It will just be yet another technology that is always-on.