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Dilip Malave
Mar 4 · 3 min read

Welcome To Invisible!

The DAL- Digital Assembly Line has created your accounts for you. Your Google Account allows access to the Company’s Google Drive and your calendar, and your email which will be in the format of name@invisible.email. You will also receive a password to your new LastPass account which you will use to log in to your other accounts.

As soon as you receive the e-mail from DAL head over to LastPass, scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the appropriate extension for your Operating System then sign in using your Invisible email and the LastPass password DAL emailed you. Once you logon to LastPass, you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons. LastPass is a secure password manager technology. If you’re interested in learning more about it, click here. Once in LastPass, you will have access to all your necessary accounts to work at Invisible Technologies.

Download and install TorGuard, then log in with your account information from LastPass. TorGuard is VPN service so remote workers’ IP addresses come from Los Angeles. Watch this video to make sure you use Invisible’s Dedicated IP address. When you’re properly connected, your TorGuard should appear as below.


Take a moment and read through this to see how the below tools are expected to be used and managed.

Invisible is a virtual company and so we have no formal office, but that is alright! We want to be able to reach out to you as you would in an office while allowing you to be where you, so we are using Discord! This tool is intended to be the place to be located at all times you are working, so anyone, from your team , peers or leadership can find and reach out instantly!

Please download this app to your mobile phone for free international calling. You can find phone numbers in the Directory, and you just need to add them to your personal contacts, before attempting to use the app to call.

We send out payments every Monday. It’s very important to track your time in Hubstaff — please log in and start tracking your time under the project Meeting or Training before you join your first zoom meeting.

You will be invited to periodic All Hands meetings for all Agents. These events should exist on the Google Calendar of your given Google account.

Bi-weekly, all agents from a unit meet together in a Unit All Hands Meeting. This event should also exist on the Google Calendar of your given Google account. The attendance is tracked and we anticipate you being on each call to get essential updates on the company and how your role and work might be changing or enhanced!

Feel free to e-mail newhire@invisible.email with any questions at all.

We are thrilled you have chosen to join the Invisible family.


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Invisible: Hiring

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