We’re Hiring Designers

Short version

We’re hiring designers!

Invisible is a process automation company.

Read about us here: https://inv.tech/summary
Read about working with Invisible here: https://inv.tech/partners

We’re hiring for two distinct positions. Please specify in the application form which one you’re applying for.

  1. Art Director
  • Owns the creative direction for everything in the company
  • Helps with branding, marketing, developing our design theses

2. UX Designer/researcher

  • Works with the Art Director to implement their vision
  • Works closely with the Product Team to conduct user research and ensure that our designs will solve the customers’ problems
  • Works with the Engineering Team to ensure that the implementations match the designs


  • Confidence to be bold — we don’t do “design by committee” here. However, you should be able to defend every tradeoff in your designs if asked.
  • Ability to be creative on a deadline — Real artists ship. Every team member at Invisible balances speed and quality (usually with a bias for quality).
  • Demonstrated passion for solving problems via design thinking.
  • Leadership, Grit — once you come up with your designs, are you tenacious enough to push and make them reality?


  • We work 100% remotely. Our team is distributed all over the world.
  • Aside from scheduled meetings (which we try to minimize), we don’t care about your work hours.
  • We deeply value personal growth and will help you advance in whatever direction(s) you want.
  • We are a partnership, so you will earn equity and share profits.

Interested? Fill out this form to say hello: https://inv.tech/go

Longer version

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience designing for mobile devices and their idiosyncrasies
  • Interest in design research and usability studies
  • Prototyping with design tools or code

General traits:

  • Demonstrated personal initiative in the past (leadership roles in extra-curriculars, side projects)
  • High introspection (via meditation practice, journaling, art, travel, or non-required writing)
  • Servant mindset — “How can I take care of this on behalf of others for the benefit of all?”
  • Growth mindset — problems are opportunities, impossibilities are challenges, life is best outside of the comfort zone
  • Lack of ego, a hunger for feedback and improvement
  • Abundance mindset — gratitude for what you have, preference for non zero-sum games
  • Personal philosophy that can be clearly stated and that can be questioned and examined
  • Contrarian’s eye — what are others missing here? What doesn’t make sense? What is overlooked because it’s obvious?
  • Systems level thinking — ability to reason on the micro, macro, and especially meta levels in one system or multiple.
  • Design thinking — How is my framing of the situation affecting the users’ experience? What other ways could I combine these elements with same effect?
  • Detail orientation and precise task habits

Extra on top:

  • Past or future interest in the works of Ed Catmull, Peter Thiel, Kevin Kelly, Ray Dalio, John Keats, Douglas Hofstadter, Joseph Campbell.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience with startups.
  • Interest in mental models and a few favorites of your own.

On Experience:

No specific kind of experience is required, per se. Experience is neither sufficient nor necessary when trying to predict success.

  • Experience may bias people towards ideas that prevent them from operating from first principles.
  • Experience may accelerate learning because of our human ability to pattern match.

That being said, it is difficult to assess your skills without seeing your past work, so experience helps in that case.
Overall, we’re looking for a mixture of qualities, with emphasis on hunger for growth, humility, and resourcefulness.

Ready to apply? Fill out this form to say hello: https://inv.tech/go