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15 Reasons I Appreciate My Depression

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  1. Depression increases my empathy for all people, especially those who struggle with mental health challenges. I access a wide emotional range of the human experience. Depression helps me be a better friend, co-worker, and social change agent.
  2. I usually function at an unsustainably fast pace: Depression slows my system way down. My body and brain need a slow-down from time to time to function most optimally.
  3. Depression reminds me that I am interconnected and that I have a support network of people who care about my wellbeing.
  4. Depression humbles me. Resonating in humility helps me be a more conscientious and loving person.
  5. Depression helps me feel gratitude for my standard state of being. I usually move too fast to really appreciate it.
  6. When I authentically express my depression, it encourages others to express their authentic selves and states of being.
  7. I connect more deeply with art and music when depressed.
  8. I listen more and talk less when I’m depressed. Listening is a skill I value and appreciate the opportunity to practice.
  9. I usually really struggle with asserting boundaries. Because I don’t have the spoons (emotional energy) to say “Yes” and I don’t really give a fuck when depressed, depression helps me draw boundaries and see that the world doesn’t crumble when I say “No” to people. I’m also more direct because I don’t have the energy to beat around the bush. I can carry these skills back to my standard state of being.
  10. I sleep more when I’m depressed. Sleep is good for me, I usually don’t sleep enough.
  11. Personally experiencing the weight of depression makes me a better advocate for mental health justice.
  12. Depression reminds me of my strength. Survivors of cyclical depression are extremely resilient.
  13. Depression is a different way of experiencing reality. I learn and grow from altered states of consciousness.
  14. Having depression makes me a better performer and creator.
  15. Depression helps sharpen my anti-capitalist and anti-ableist lens: My value is not rooted in what I produce and what I do, I have value in just being.



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