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Letter sent on Aug 16, 2016

A letter from the editor of Invisible Illness

To our readers and writers,

Before we begin, I want to start with two words.

Thank you.

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Invisible Illness began in May as a pop-up publication to spark conversations on the platform during Mental Health Awareness month. What began as a month-long project, though, quickly grew into something much, much larger — and is still going strong today.

That is because of you. Without you, our writers and readers, Invisible Illness would never have reached as many people — both on and off Medium — and would not have been able to flourish as a publication, long past the end of May. The publication’s following and circulation has grown steadily over the past three months, with new writers submitting stories for consideration each week.

Together, we have made an impact. Together, we can do even more.

My dream is that Invisible Illness eventually becomes an entirely community-run publication. After all, it would never have been able to exist without you.

We’re actively seeking new contributing writers and seeking editors to help us source, edit, and publish more for Invisible Illness. If you are interested in being considered as an editor, please email us at communities@medium.com. Please send us a link to your Medium profile and don’t forget to let us know if you’ve edited a publication before!

And, because I don’t believe it can ever be said enough, thank you so much for making this publication everything it is today — on behalf of myself and the thousands of readers who enjoy your stories every day.

Elizabeth Tobey