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We don't talk enough about mental health.
Note from the editor

We’ve created a publication called Invisible Illness to house all of the best stories on Medium about mental health and to help people find great stories and help spark even more conversation. Want to contribute? Pick a topic! Start by thinking about some of the themes outlined above. For more inspiration, read some of the stories we’ve included in Invisible Illness. Each post we add is meant to be some kind of conversation starter, so feel free to build off another person’s post by adding a response.

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Meredith Arthur
Author of Get Out of My Head, releasing Spring ’20 from Hachette. Founder of Beautiful Voyager.
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elizabeth tobey
East coaster with a secret SF love affair. I enjoy juxtaposing things. Also: Cheese and tiny dachshunds.
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Rita Alexandra
Portuguese in her 20’s and wildly anxious to hit publish. Manic-depressive with an unbalanced flow of art. I write my mind. Freelancing my way to success!
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Ryan Fan
Believer, Baltimore City special ed teacher, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire,” God’s gift to the Earth. Emory University Class of 2019.
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Daniel Garcia
Dr. Daniel Garcia is a psychologist and psychoanalyst based in San Antonio, Texas.
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Go to the profile of ellie
Ridiculously serious at times, seriously ridiculous at others. My Michael Pollan-esque motto: Laugh lots. Not too loud. Mostly at yourself.
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Go to the profile of Carissa L.
Carissa L.
Animal lover, food enthusiast, music fanatic, wellness advocate, keen life observer.
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Join me in my journey of self discovery
Go to the profile of Mental Health Advocate
Mental Health Advocate
I write in hopes to inspire readers to speak openly about the reality of mental illness and break the stigma around mental health.
Go to the profile of Minna Von Walden
Minna Von Walden
Words flow from my soul through the ink in my pen, to tear stains on my paper. MinnaVonWalden.com
Go to the profile of Mx. Elis de Guerre
Mx. Elis de Guerre
They/them. Androgyne essayist, journalist, editor, & activist. Novel and narrative nonfiction manuscripts in progress. #Spoonie #LGBTQ #Binders
Go to the profile of Bailey Anderson
Bailey Anderson
women’s studies and film graduate. has a lot of feelings. wants you to know more about borderline. you can find me on twitter @borderlinefemme.
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Ali Tanaka
@lewisandclark 2012 grad. Bilingual writer. Recovering perfectionist. Ex-figure skater.
Go to the profile of Betta Tryptophan
Betta Tryptophan
Blue-haired middle-aged lady with a tendency to say socially and politically incorrect things and to make inappropriate jokes. Awkward and (sort of) proud of it
Go to the profile of Jack El-Hai
Jack El-Hai
Author of The Nazi and the Psychiatrist (2013), Non-Stop (2013), & The Lobotomist (2005). Covers history, medicine, science, and business. jack@el-hai.com
Go to the profile of Mo Fathelbab
Mo Fathelbab
Thank you.
Go to the profile of Joshua Adamson-Pickett
Joshua Adamson-Pickett
Writer / Marketer / Impostor Syndrome-Haver
Go to the profile of Natalia Moore
Natalia Moore
Beauty and The Beast
Go to the profile of Hannah Porat-Dahlem
Go to the profile of Amy Oestreicher
Amy Oestreicher
PTSD specialist, artist, author of “My Beautiful Detour” TEDx Speaker, arts & health advocate, actress, playwright touring “Gutless&Grateful” www.amyoes.com/MBD
Go to the profile of Fergalsondrex
Trying to live a feminist Disney fantasy in a film directed by Quentin Tarantino with a cast of dinosaurs.
Go to the profile of Nicole Archambault
Nicole Archambault
Web developer and women’s tech/open-ed enthusiast. Creator of La Vie en Code Blog/Podcast. Living with depression and anxiety.
Go to the profile of Luna
that awkward moment when you find out you're asian but not good at anything.
Go to the profile of Nikita Corbin
Nikita Corbin
GenYmom single mom. Guardian of donuts, pop culture and sarcasm. Just a unicorn searching for a decent cup of life's coffee.
Go to the profile of Ryan Engelstad
Ryan Engelstad
Therapist writing about mental health and behavior change. Check out my podcast, Pop Psych 101: https://www.poppsych101.com
Go to the profile of Joseph King
Joseph King
Founder & creative director, otherlives.org
Go to the profile of Claire Addicott
Go to the profile of Dr. Lawrence Peacock
Dr. Lawrence Peacock
From expelled from High School, Poverty, and Violence, to becoming a father, husband, physician. Working to make a difference in this world.
Go to the profile of Just another blogger
Just another blogger
The things I can’t say to friends, I type to strangers.
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Handy with a pen
Go to the profile of Steven Daws
Steven Daws
Freelance writer, and father. Love my home town of #Canterbury This is my journey with #anxiety and OCD. #mentalhealth. Follow me on Twitter @walkingwithanxi
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Love. Life. Write it.
Go to the profile of Vered Zimmerman
Vered Zimmerman
Paying attention.
Go to the profile of Ethan Kent
Ethan Kent
mental health and personal growth writer
Go to the profile of Ellen Vrana
Ellen Vrana
Writer, The Examined Life. Wisdom, writings and readings focused on human commonalities. www.theexaminedlife.org
Go to the profile of Henry Niles
Henry Niles
Mental health insight while exploring a seasonal lifestyle. Instagram: @henryniles Email: henry@henryniles.com
Go to the profile of Leo Gopal
Leo Gopal
Writer, Poet, Philosopher, WordPress Developer, Mental wellness advocate.
Go to the profile of Janet Coburn
Janet Coburn
Author of Bipolar Me, Janet Coburn is a writer, editor, and blogger at janetcobur.wordpress.com and bipolarme.blog.
Go to the profile of Donna Barrow-Green (Rose Gluck)
Donna Barrow-Green (Rose Gluck)
I write fiction, memoir, and plays. I am also a researcher and college instructor. https://www.wattpad.com/user/rosegluckwriter amazon.com/author/rosegluck
Go to the profile of William O. Pate II
William O. Pate II
Writer | Critic | Essayist | Public Policy | Marketing in Austin, Texas.
Go to the profile of Rukhsana Sukhan
Rukhsana Sukhan
A strange Lovecraftian creature with a penchant for punk music and cats. Grief has no expiration date. Joy is expansive resistance. Compassion is a revolution.
Go to the profile of Jillian L
Jillian L
where ever you go, there you are 🙃
Go to the profile of Ulrich
Go to the profile of Leigh;
27-year-old self-proclaimed espresso addict, animal enthusiast, mental health advocate and forest wanderer.
Go to the profile of Blon Lee
Blon Lee
I do commentary on things.
Go to the profile of Ellen Mara
Ellen Mara
The Quest for Peace Blog 🌱 https://thequestforpeace.blog Kundalini Yogi 🧘‍♀️ Singer 🎤🎸 Peace - seeker 🌿🌏🐮✨
Go to the profile of Elise Gordezky
Elise Gordezky
Queer feminist, writer/performer and BPD baddass
Go to the profile of Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne
mental health awareness gladiator // dreamcatcher // liver of tall tales and writer of short stories
Go to the profile of Rachel Drane
Rachel Drane
Host of Putting Out With Rachel podcast. Depression/Eating Disorder/Abuse Survivor. Goober. Myers-Briggs is PBNJ. She/Her 🤓
Go to the profile of Adriana Miron
Adriana Miron
All opinions expressed here are my own. Add me on linkedin.com/in/adrianamiron or reach me via adriana.miron@liebredigital.com
Go to the profile of Tom Bond
Tom Bond
Hi, I’m Tom. I am a freelance copywriter who loves to travel while I work.
Go to the profile of Noah Y.
Go to the profile of Megan Mooney
Megan Mooney
Theatre geek. Actually, geek-of-all-trades. Editor. Writer. Founder / publisher of Mooney on Theatre (Toronto-centric theatre coverage www.mooneyontheatre.com).
Go to the profile of Nivedita Shori
Nivedita Shori
Temporarily, it clears your head. Permanently, it transforms your life. Writing works like magic.
Go to the profile of Ashwini Dodani
Ashwini Dodani
Poetry. Films. Top 100 — Digital Marketing 2019. Creative Strategist. Poetry Book — Savoir Faire: Do the WRITE thing | Instagram: @ashwinidodani
Go to the profile of emma poe
emma poe
“Got a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul.” Eddie Vedder
Go to the profile of Spire
The world’s first wearable proven to decrease stress and increase productivity. Head over to https://spire.io to start living a calmer, deliberate life today.
Go to the profile of Erin Quinlan
Erin Quinlan
Write, rinse, read, repeat
Go to the profile of cousin isaac
cousin isaac
musician, designer, developer
Go to the profile of Flannery Meehan
Flannery Meehan
Recovering from defeat, experiment by experiment, and sharing the results. Also, writing, for art’s sake, you know. flannerymeehan@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Kristan Barczak
Kristan Barczak
Starting a PhD in Educational Leadership in the Fall. I rock climb when I can. I’m here to find my voice.
Go to the profile of Barbara Babcock
Barbara Babcock
I help individuals and families live well with and beyond a serious health issue | Coach | Family Constellations | barbara@returntowellness.co.uk
Go to the profile of Mariam Soliman
Mariam Soliman
I am a dreamer from Egypt in my 20s, and I write about spiritual journeys, identity, society and the beautiful calm moments between the hurricanes of life.
Go to the profile of sincerely, me
sincerely, me
pardon the mess, im still trying to figure out how life works
Go to the profile of Kelly Dudzik
Kelly Dudzik
I just am.
Go to the profile of GB
Some guy who just wants to write about his feelings
Go to the profile of D.C Memoir
D.C Memoir
What does it mean to be a storyteller? Who will you tell stories about? Probably someone indistinct, someone not too different from you.
Go to the profile of Victoria Marie Goulding ☘️
Victoria Marie Goulding ☘️
Abstract Artist • Writer • Memory Keeper
Go to the profile of Terry K
Terry K
Let me tell you the stories behind my psychological disorders, should be interesting! Connect with me @bipolarcrash, @simsomatic, @depressedsim
Go to the profile of Life With Interest
Life With Interest
Musings on life, $, mental health & logic. Lover of tea, musicals, road trips, oceans & debating the status quo. Sometimes funny, always openminded. INFP. 4w5.
Go to the profile of Emma P
Emma P
PhD Applicant researching Borderline Personality Disorder (C-PTSD). I love Science and Science Fiction, but I get most excited when they meet.
Go to the profile of Uday Saroj
Uday Saroj
'Before God was, I am.' Come, fall in love with existence!
Go to the profile of Aimee Pearcy
Aimee Pearcy
How can we live a useful, impactful life that matters? aimee.pearcy@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Lowen Puckey
Lowen Puckey
Advocate for mental health, chronic illness and disability. Sometime writer of funnies & fiction. Perpetual drinker of tea.
Go to the profile of Catherine Walsh
Catherine Walsh
Write down what hurts, write down what feels good. Just. Write.
Go to the profile of Justin Alan
Justin Alan
Young writer new to the authoring world. Giving glimpses into my personal experiences in order to uplift those who struggle. Twitter @JustinAlan1995
Go to the profile of Henry Latham
Henry Latham
Author of ‘Why Your Startup is Failing’, now available for pre-order: pszr.co/CogsC | Product | Thrive Global, Guardian, UX Planet, etc.
Go to the profile of Prabhu prakash Kagitha
Prabhu prakash Kagitha
Story teller of art and science | Writer, AI researcher
Go to the profile of Ricky Derisz
Ricky Derisz
Writer, coach, speaker, mystic, scientist, philosopher, non-believer of labels. Enchanted with life post-depression. See www.mindthatego.com for more.
Go to the profile of Matthew James
Matthew James
I listen. I write. I live.
Go to the profile of ☜ T. A. Fave ☞
☜ T. A. Fave ☞
Seeker, Finder, Giver | Conqueror of Google | Specializing in Different | Lover of Life | Generous Clapper | Looking for Beta Readers https://tafave.com/
Go to the profile of Nick Simon
Nick Simon
Co-founder of dprsd.co.uk — sharing information, experiences and tips about self-care for those suffering from depression.
Go to the profile of Kelsey Biddle
Kelsey Biddle
Dartmouth College graduate with an interest in neuroscience and mental health fueled by personal experience.
Go to the profile of Casper Neo
Casper Neo
someone who enjoys penning down life.
Go to the profile of Greg Audino
Greg Audino
Certified Life Coach and actor on many a television show. Go to Patreon.com/gregaudino to get a free life coaching session, see my videos or donate to the WWF!
Go to the profile of Deborah Christensen
Deborah Christensen
Seeker of Understanding/Meaning, Explorer of Spirit, Writer, Artist, Believer/Doubter, Dreamer, Communicator, Counselor https://compassionateconnection.com.au/
Go to the profile of Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson
Nurse, mental health blogger, living with depression. Author of two books. Using words to heal and fight stigma. https://mentalhealthathome.org
Go to the profile of James Barnes
James Barnes
Psychotherapist working in San Francisco and post-graduate of Philosophy and Religion. Avid writer.
Go to the profile of Kamga Tchassa
Kamga Tchassa
I do a lot of things — they all involve some form of storytelling. https://linktr.ee/tchassakamga
Go to the profile of Molly Schar
Molly Schar
Comfort zone critic. Tech nonprofit exec. Project Gratitude founder. New Orleanian. I write about mental health, leadership, and life in general.
Go to the profile of Kayli
Queens, NYC. Sometimes wanderer. De-stigmatizing mental health one overly honest essay at a time. Taking time off Medium to write a memoir on travel + trauma.
Go to the profile of Ann Cain
Ann Cain
Twenty-something aspiring social worker. Writing to attempt a reach into the void. Is anyone out there??
Go to the profile of Mateus M.
Mateus M.
Web developer who doesn’t know how to develop (yet), writes and overshares mostly about mental health. Tech, cats and cute things.
Go to the profile of Marie Shanley - Mxiety
Marie Shanley - Mxiety
Fighting mental illness stigma with research-driven personal stories, and live discussions on twitch.tv/mxiety | mxiety.com
Go to the profile of Hannah Lim
Hannah Lim
Aspiring MD/Medical Student. Writer. Poet.
Go to the profile of Sylvia Wohlfarth
Sylvia Wohlfarth
An Irish-Nigerian soul living in Ireland after 40 years in Germany. A social anthropologist, English teacher, and more. With stories to share; and an opinion…
Go to the profile of Al-Sayyari
Father. Husband. Pilot. Poet. Storyteller.
Go to the profile of Peter Gray
Peter Gray
I work in Tech Support and write in my spare time. I love to read, write and help people where I can :)
Go to the profile of Tamara Leigh
Tamara Leigh
Creative aspirant who loves to find Synchronicity and Cosmic validation through her mediums. Nerdy for Learning! See more www.sensual-mystic.com
Go to the profile of Julie McClung Peck
Julie McClung Peck
Mom, daughter, writer for Bustle, Elite Daily, Romper, & Grok Nation…& for you, right here. Coming to you live from the American South. Opinions my own.
Go to the profile of Niña Traviesa
Niña Traviesa
New and passionate writer inspired by life moments and a profound desire to let her creativity fly high and her soul shine bright — twitter.com/NinaTraviesa18
Go to the profile of Danny Cherry
Danny Cherry
25. NOLA. I love to write short stories and give my unsolicited opinions on writing, culture, life, history. twitter—> @BigEasyPress Novels coming soon!
Go to the profile of Melissa Arnold
Melissa Arnold
Non-diet dietitian by day, writer by night. Mental health and social justice advocate. Lover of pups and hubs. moretoliferd.com
Go to the profile of Brenden Belluardo
Brenden Belluardo
Just writing about whatever comes to mind.
Go to the profile of Joannie Penderwick
Joannie Penderwick
Ambitious trainwreck. Defends her right to like the Butthole Surfers AND Greta Van Fleet. Topics: music, funny stuff, mental health. www.JoanniePenderwick.com
Go to the profile of Kathryn Dillon
Kathryn Dillon
Life’s a journey. Sometimes a peaceful hike in the woods, sometimes a screaming joyride down a dark highway. I’m on a quest to discover my truth by sharing it.
Go to the profile of Juliette Roanoke
Juliette Roanoke
Mother, writer, critical care-neuroscience-and-home health registered nurse, mental health combatant, social justice seeker, truth teller.
Go to the profile of D.C. Meyers
D.C. Meyers
I hope you enjoy reading my work.
Go to the profile of Steven Beatty
Steven Beatty
AUTHOR: In-Between Years: Life after a positive Huntington's disease test; COLUMNIST: Gene Positive; BLOGGER: Medium; DAY JOB: RN.
Go to the profile of Daphelba DeBeauvoir
Daphelba DeBeauvoir
…in search of dread secrets with which to weave tales….. ……Dark & Strange Fiction Editor, Creative Collaborator, Advocate for survivors of abuse.
Go to the profile of Will O'Shire
Will O'Shire
Creating action-packed urban fantasy stories filled with magic, myth, and monsters in my pajama pants. I also write about depression, anxiety, and life.
Go to the profile of Alessandra Figueiredo
Alessandra Figueiredo
Engineering student. I write in English and/or Portuguese.
Go to the profile of Chris Muccio
Chris Muccio
@illbeinthemountains I am just an ordinary guy in my mid-thirties, looking to share my love of nature and the mountains with others.
Go to the profile of Femi Nassi -Femiche
Go to the profile of Nifty Tie Guy
Nifty Tie Guy
I write about finance, self-improvement, and overcoming terrible odds. Former Army and Biz Owner. Currently Consulting. Forever a Poker Player. Student of FIRE
Go to the profile of Irini Verbist
Irini Verbist
Research in psychotherapy, well-being and misophonia || Writing about psychology, philosophy, and the art of existence
Go to the profile of Meg Rodriguez
Meg Rodriguez
Freelance writer. Learner. Christian. Advocate. Cook. Wife. Dog Mom. Birdwatcher. @ St. Louis, MO
Go to the profile of CrazyBitch
Go to the profile of Sera Maddingly
Sera Maddingly
Author | Japanophile | Corgi Lover. Visit me at seramaddingly.com. I write my truth. I write my pain. I write whatever pokes at my mind, including fiction. ❤
Go to the profile of Suits + Scruples
Suits + Scruples
Creating a counterculture of humbleness whose citizens value less over more, love over infatuation, and community over competition.
Go to the profile of Dr. Sandeep Das
Dr. Sandeep Das
MBBS from Gauhati Medical College, Pianist, Photographer and an avid writer. Active in Quora and Medium.
Go to the profile of Claire Leveson
Claire Leveson
Writer, life coach and fundraiser for an environmental organisation. Interested in philosophy, mental health and wellness.
Go to the profile of Whit Jackson
Whit Jackson
Wife, mom, artist, writer. Jack of all trades, but master to none. I know I could be someone if given the chance. I am here to learn and grow, will you join me?
Go to the profile of Gregory Alan
Gregory Alan
Gregory is a Christian, husband, doggy daddy, writer, amateur boxer, runner, hiker, reader, golfer, lifelong learner, dreamer, and sports fan.
Go to the profile of Rachel B.
Rachel B.
Writing about life. Total weirdo. Mom of four.
Go to the profile of Ellie Scott
Ellie Scott
Writer of speculative fiction. Shortlisted for 2018 Bridport Prize. Author of ‘Merry Bloody Christmas and ‘Come What May Day’. https://www.elliescott.co.uk/
Go to the profile of Bronté Bettencourt
Bronté Bettencourt
Graduated with an MFA in Writing Children and Young Adult Literature. Full-time D&D and YouTube connoisseur. I also love coffee ~ https://ko-fi.com/elliebronte
Go to the profile of Em
I’m a twenty something Autistic woman with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome striving to make a place for myself in the world. I love writing, history and musicals!
Go to the profile of Melissa McNallan
Melissa McNallan
Hi! I’m Chief Blogger & Publisher at 40 Fit & Stylish (40fitnstylish.com). My big obsessions are: ballet fit, delicious food, and style.
Go to the profile of Jenni Elbourne
Jenni Elbourne
Freelance writer, audio describer, podcaster and theatremaker. Londoner. www.jennielbourne.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Chris Bergen
Chris Bergen
Dedicated cat-dad, writer, and manager from Victoria, BC | I’m into 80’s hair metal, science fiction, and helping managers get better.
Go to the profile of Elizabeth Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Health, psychology, current events, politics, cats, tech… Suicide prevention & mental health are extra important to me. Stereotypes fall when we talk openly.
Go to the profile of Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton
Explore. Transcend.
Go to the profile of Zelda Pinwheel
Go to the profile of Isla Gunni
Go to the profile of Keely Carney
Keely Carney
Writer. Woman in recovery. Lover of the examined life and learning in public. Founder, Second Chance Initiative: https://scmugs.org/.
Go to the profile of Gordon Fishwick
Gordon Fishwick
I'm a Dad, musician, gamer and over-thinker. I've also been suffering from mental health issues since June 2019. I just want to make the world a better place.
Go to the profile of Ashley Rae
Ashley Rae
Wife, corgi mom, dad joke teller. I love reading & writing about life, love, happiness, and dogs.
Go to the profile of Let's Talk About Real Sh*t
Go to the profile of Cody Welborn
Cody Welborn
I am pastor, husband, foster parent, nerd, writer, and blogger, out to make the world a brighter place by showing love & sharing God's story through my story.
Go to the profile of Oliver Xu
Oliver Xu
Emory University Undergrad student majoring in philosophy. Trying to help as many people as I can who are suffering and in need. You’re not alone.
Go to the profile of Nikki Kay
Nikki Kay
Teacher. Learner. Mom. Storyteller. Idealist. Dog person. Writing all over the Venn diagram of parenting, mental health, self, and humor.
Go to the profile of Pratik Routray
Pratik Routray
poet,writer and haiku addict,my goal:to leave behind a collection of memories through my various works, which will endure long after I have vanished from earth!
Go to the profile of Jessie Britely
Jessie Britely
Passionate about empowering fellow offbeat creatives to quit the 9–5 grind, uncover their true callings, and #launchwhatyoulove with confidence and clarity.
Go to the profile of Lauren Reiff
Go to the profile of Shane Foshee
Shane Foshee
IT Analyst by night, Apprentice Renaissance Man by day. A daydreamer, developer, wannabe author, procrastinator, painter, wedding officiant, and pretend model!
Go to the profile of Sandy Creighton
Sandy Creighton
I write about small moments in time inspired by lived experiences.
Go to the profile of John DiFelice
John DiFelice
I write about art, science, technology, and psychology. I also write about writing because I’m meta.
Go to the profile of Ruth Stewart
Ruth Stewart
I write about my interests which include psychology, family, relationships, autism and lots more. You’ll mostly find me here on Medium. She/her.
Go to the profile of Johnzelle Anderson
Johnzelle Anderson
I’m a small business owner, and licensed therapist in Richmond, Virginia. I use the written word to add value to your day 😺 PanoramicCounseling.com/blog
Go to the profile of Lee Alisha Williams
Lee Alisha Williams
Creative writing major with a heart of gold.
Go to the profile of Kyle Nielson
Kyle Nielson
Communication strategist • writer and poet exploring perspective and expression • https://www.kylenielson.com/
Go to the profile of Tara Massan
Tara Massan
Yoga Teacher. Life Coach. Writer. Born to express not impress loves. Visit me at www.taramassan.com to learn more and connect!
Go to the profile of Tamera Martens
Tamera Martens
Writer, Reader, Therapist, Recovery Coach https://seedsofsuccessconsulting.com
Go to the profile of Jakob Ryce
Jakob Ryce
Writer, poet, wayfarer of a digital age. I write stories and articles. @JakobRyce | www.jakobryce.com | jakobryce@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Marie B — One of the Faces of Invisible Illnesses
Marie B — One of the Faces of Invisible Illnesses
Observer of life and its many faces. I have spent years studying languages, lit, comm, and the human psyche! Survivor of invisible illnesses (FM, CFS, EDS, IBS)
Go to the profile of Angela Rodgers
Angela Rodgers
I’m a married keto eating, ameteur photographer with two grown daughters and an infant daughter. I’m also a practicing attorney (a prosecutor actually).
Go to the profile of Jade Eby
Jade Eby
#ladyboss of Purrfect Consulting by day • Novelist and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach by night • Professional cat-herder all the time
Go to the profile of Phillip Morina
Phillip Morina
Marriage and Family Therapist | Owner of www.MorinaCounseling.com | Passionate about relationships & Mental Health | www.instagram.com/phillipmorinatherapy/
Go to the profile of Jill Grunenwald
Jill Grunenwald
INTJ Slytherin Scorpio. The New York Times once called me “a stylish and sparkly writer.” My three favorite words are All Day Breakfast. www.jillgrunenwald.com
Go to the profile of Jocelyn Soriano
Jocelyn Soriano
Self-Help Author, Poet & Inspirer! Lives in two worlds,loves with one heart. amazon.com/author/jocelynsoriano
Go to the profile of Maria Mccrann
Go to the profile of Russel Campo
Russel Campo
Daily stories of a Psychometrician
Go to the profile of Simona Rich
Simona Rich
Spiritual writer and astrologer at simonarich.com ❇ youtube.com/c/simonarich ❇ facebook.com/simona.rich.10 ❇ twitter.com/simonarich
Go to the profile of Keith R. Higgons
Keith R. Higgons
Software by day, Freelance by night . “Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain — But, hell, a little touch-up and a little paint” — Bruce Springsteen
Go to the profile of Jordan Godwin
Jordan Godwin
Writer, linguist and educator. www.jordan-godwin.com. Fiction at www.jordanfelker.com
Go to the profile of Keith Pottratz
Keith Pottratz
Father, Programmer, and Writer. Pro LGBTQ+, Navy Veteran
Go to the profile of Kat
I’m only here because I don’t have a therapist
Go to the profile of Caroline de Braganza
Caroline de Braganza
A Wise Old Woman (WOW). Forever Young. Mastering mind and emotion. Exploring the paths of body, mind, spirit and science. Let’s walk together.
Go to the profile of James D. R.
James D. R.
Writer, Musician, Construction Worker, Psychology Student, and Distress Call Volunteer. I am the creator of the publication Wealth in Words and Sounds.
Go to the profile of Shavaun Scott
Shavaun Scott
Psychotherapist, Writer, Columnist, Relationship Educator, Author Game Addiction: The Experience and the Effects (McFarland Books, 2009)
Go to the profile of R Rangan PsyD
R Rangan PsyD
Psychologist; Researcher of mindfulness and emotional well-being. Opinions are not professional advice.
Go to the profile of Jess Champion
Jess Champion
Accidental leader and aspiring therapist, just trying to human as best I can.
Go to the profile of Gwen Stackler
Gwen Stackler
Books are my life. I served on the board of the Friends Of the Libary, critiqued for 10+ years before that I decided that was better at home & #makewordsfly.
Go to the profile of Justin Herb
Go to the profile of Mike Hedrick
Mike Hedrick
Writer and Photographer
Go to the profile of Alina Ioana Petrea
Alina Ioana Petrea
Graphic Designer & Digital Strategist. Yoga teacher. Mental health advocate. Curiosity is my superpower.
Go to the profile of Georgia Lucy
Georgia Lucy
A writing student.
Go to the profile of Matt Clarke
Matt Clarke
I share insights. Mainly about mental health, politics, sport and personal development. Sign up to my email list: https://mailchi.mp/1ecb1a5dbe1d/mscinsights
Go to the profile of Natalia Chung
Go to the profile of Caselka Pettit
Caselka Pettit
Writer, Podcaster - Psychology, Self Improvement & Entrepreneurship.
Go to the profile of C. G.
C. G.
A father, husband, adventurer, and writer who is trying to shine a light on the darkness of suicide.
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Zoomedin Samia
✒Storyteller| There’s nothing “medium” here, emotions are zoomed in! All of my identities carry stories and reflections.
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Andrey Anisimov
a frolic dissident
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Anne Freier
Writer/editor focusing on science, psychology, the environment & technology. MRes Biomedical Research & MSc Neuroscience & Neuropsychology. afreier00@gmail.com
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Joe Pregadio
When we claim to be complete, we no longer need one another. Our incompleteness is what makes us human.
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zaynab nuzhah
A 20 y.o introvert pursuing a Bachelor degree in Business Communication, and who’s immersed in reflective journals. #Mauritius
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Tara Nicole Szkutnik
“Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.” A wearer of fancy hats: wife, mom, freelancer, pantser, astrology student — Scorpio!, survivor, INFJ.
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constantly in search of home
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Michael Davies
Author: www.theworldofpangea.com Poet. Writer. Public speaker. Creative.
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Debbie Walker
BA/Psychology/A Self-proclaimed Word Pilgrim seeking the Kingdom of Words within. Has a vision to help others live the life they can live…one word at a time.