[composed 11:40 pm]

Is loneliness a friend?It’s there to teach you something

It’s there to help you accept a concrete truth-

That whether you fear, love, or hate yourself.

You only have yourself

Loneliness takes the form of an unwanted and

uninvited guest that you don’t want to let in,

But it barges in without your knowledge nor permission

And stays for an unknown duration it decides upon

For you only realize it’s there when you come to recognize and feel it’s existence in your present reality

It teaches you the difference between

Being alone — and — being lonely

It amplifies with depression

And sometimes with it’s other friend, anxiety

Sometimes you look around when you feel it,

And the essence of time gets lost.

Seconds start feeling like years

Memories of pain that were locked away, and the key you thought you had tossed out,

Suddenly reappear right in front of you

And naturally you unlock that lock

And with it, you open folds of memories.

Some which bring about yearning,

Some pain, some angst,

And some just incomprehensible thoughts.