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The Peace That Death Brings

While You Are Still Alive

“Thus it will be seen that mindfulness of death…has the effect of robbing death of its fears…He is never unnerved at the thought of death but is always prepared for it.” Buddhist Reflections on Death by V.F. Gunaratna

“Death where is thy sting?”

Until I started to purposely live my death daily, did I understand what the apostle Paul was trying to say. I, of course, had no idea that this was something thousands of people did as part of their mindfulness meditation practice. I stumbled onto this practice for myself after asking the question, “What do I fear?”

Like many, I was searching to satiate my spiritual hunger. During this time I became a fan of Eckhart Tolle’s teaching and style. He helped me become aware of the many lies that I had been telling myself throughout the years. During this inner work I wanted to answer the question, “Who am I really?”

What made me tick? Why do I react a certain way? I discovered that I was being motivated by fear, and that it wasn’t working for me anymore. So, one by one, I would identify a fear and overcome it. Mostly by living that fear in the most realistic way possible, and then realizing that it’s “sting” had lost it’s power.

Fear of my own death was the last of my fears that I had to overcome.

I overcame it in the same way, by living every possible scenario. During this process, I was careful not to make it morbid. That was not the purpose of the exercise. Instead I would play out my last minutes, how I thought I would feel. Sensing the heaviness, the relaxing of my muscles. The peace.

Then it happened; I no longer feared death. Even better than that, I no longer clung to life. Now life could unfold for me without my trying to control every outcome. The peace that I experienced in my role playing about death, was now a peace that was a dominant force in my living.

She is dead now, but Claire Wineland found this to be true because her life circumstances forced it upon her. She lived in peace because she had a good relationship with her own death.

Thank you and R.I.P. Claire.

***T. A. Fave lives in North Central Wisconsin and besides writing, enjoys working on her small permaculture homestead. She and family raise their own food and endeavor to live a very low carbon lifestyle. She is a defender of Earth and a fighter of Climate Change. You may contact her on Twitter at @432frequency or on Facebook at