Invisible Illness
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Invisible Illness

Finding Joy After Suicide

Sunset, 3.8.20. Jenna Hatfield

“Joy is the most vulnerable of all human emotions. We are terrified to feel joy. We are so afraid that if we let ourselves feel joy, something will come along and rip it away from us and we will get sucker-punched by pain and trauma and loss.” — Brene Brown, The Call to Courage, Netflix Original

The day my father-in-law died by suicide, I woke up feeling hopeful. It had been a long time since my soul felt anything…




We don't talk enough about mental health.

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Jenna Hatfield

Jenna Hatfield

Award-winning writer. Editor. Gen X mom loving Gen Z kids. Writing about mental health, parenting, adoption, faith, and caregiving/ALZ with a side of poetry.

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