• Chinaemerem Oti

    Chinaemerem Oti

    When Chinaemerem isn't reading books she is watching cat videos. She also confident that Chimamanda is her mother.

  • Shannon B. Tanner

    Shannon B. Tanner

    Para medical esthetician. Human rights advocate with a deep inner call to be involved in ending discrimination everywhere.

  • Stacy Cellier-Gomez

    Stacy Cellier-Gomez

    International Author-professional Lyme fighter- qualified medical BS detector-experienced muse w/helping others battling illness-Lyme awareness advocate- friend

  • Nigel McBride

    Nigel McBride

  • Warut Samrit

    Warut Samrit

  • Dhairya Chaudhry

    Dhairya Chaudhry

  • Danson Wainaina

    Danson Wainaina

    Simply Orchestrated.

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