Mental Health Apps on Special Offer During Pandemic

Open to healthcare workers, businesses and individuals

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Originally featured in the Monday State of Mind newsletter.

The global coronavirus outbreak is having ramifications around the world, on all levels of society. The fears and concerns around the virus itself, let alone the disruption and uncertainty that’s coming with it, will already be taking its toll on people’s mental health.

With this in mind, many of the world’s leading mental health tech companies are providing their services temporarily for free, for businesses, individuals and particularly healthcare workers.

Below are some of the companies offering such services — this list will be updated if and when more are announced.

Aura for everyone
Get 3 months free access to Aura’s in-app mindfulness meditations, life coaching and emotion tracking, by entering the code FINDPEACE2020 at

Everymind for business
Offering 6 months free access — allows staff to monitor their mental health and access resources to help them through any specific issues, while providing anonymous data on the collective mental health of the organisation.

Freedom for everyone
6 months free access to its library of meditation guides and mindfulness programmes, then 50% discount thereafter.

Ginger for healthcare workers, businesses & general public
Ginger offers free behavioural health coaching for healthcare workers, plus access for all to its Covid-19 in-app resources and waived annual commitments for new employer clients.

Headspace for healthcare workers and general public
The mindfulness app is offer its service to health workers for free, while unlocking its “Weathering the Storm” collection, for meditation and sleep, to all.

Help Hub for the elderly
Free 20-minute therapy sessions provided to vulnerable older people in the UK and others self-isolating or struggling, from Help Hub.

Kooth for young people
Kooth is the leading digital mental health platform for young people in the UK. They’re providing a free service of resources, community support, access to counsellors and more, available in most parts of England through Clinical Commissioning Groups (see exactly where here).

Sanvello for all
Peer support, coping tools and daily mood tracking, are just some of the services offered for free by Sanvello — for businesses and individuals.

Sibly for businesses
Three months free access to US-based Sibly‘s on-demand coaching service, for staff and their spouses.

Simple Habit for all
Free premium membership offers access to audio guides covering topics from anxiety to fear and stress, open to anybody.

Spill for those out of work
Spill is offering free video therapy for people in the UK who’ve lost their job or been furloughed due to the pandemic.

SuperBetter for all
SuperBetter is a game played in real life to improve resilience, mental health & success. Its COVID-19 Power Packs include Stay Strong in a Pandemic and The Stay-at-Home Scavenger Hunt.

Talkspace for frontline medical workers
1,000 doctors, nurses and social workers across the US can access a free month of online therapy via Talkspace’s Unlimited Messaging Plus plan, which includes unlimited text, video and audio messaging with a licensed therapist.

ThinkNinja for 10–18 year olds

This app by Healios is free, with Covid-19 specific content, using evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) concepts through a digital avatar called Wise Ninja.

Thrive Therapeutic Software for all
NHS-backed Thrive is offering free access, to anyone who needs it, to a limited range of features through its app. They also work in partnership with a number of health insurers and employers, so worth checking with yours to see if you have access through them.

Tomo for all
Offering 150 days free access to its services, Tomo provides online mental health resources and a community of people to connect with.

Unmind for NHS
UK-based digital mental health platform, Unmind, is providing its service free of charge to 1.5m medical workers in the UK.

Wysa for healthcare workers and general public
Free access to Wysa‘s NHS-approved AI therapy app, with healthcare workers given Premium access free of charge.

Additional free mental health resources

The list above is specifically of app services providing special offers during the coronavirus pandemic. For other, ongoing free mental health support, helplines, webchat and other on-demand services, see:

NHS website (UK)
Mental Health America (USA)
United for Global Mental Health (International)

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