How to implement self-care at work.

If you have a mental illness, you’re probably well aware of the instability that comes with it. You can be feeling fine at one moment, and terrible at the next… but I’m bipolar, so I’m biased :)

Sure, you can implement self-care in your day to day life, sleeping well, eating well, exercising… but how can you take care of your mental health at work when you’re possibly stressed most of the time?

Follow these 4 simple tips for a better life at work:

Take a break:

By this I mean, yes, you might be tempted to replace those constant negative thoughts with lots and lots of work, but this is not the solution. Overworking will lead to burnout (very quickly) and will amplify the sensation of being overwhelmed with responsibilities, which will impact negatively on your health.

Take a break from your inbox when you go home, during weekends, and on vacation. Allow yourself some time to do something you enjoy.

Own your space:

Chances are, you probably have your own cubicle. Instead of keeping it empty, try to bring a little memento of something valuable to you to make the space yours. This could be a portrait, a bonsai tree or a souvenir from your last trip.

Surround yourself with positive people:

You’ll meet a lot of people at work, and some of them will bring positive energy to their surroundings. Pay close attention to them, what are they doing differently that attracts people to them? How do they manage stress and their own work?

Celebrate your achievements:

Run a victory lap! When you have achieved something great, give yourself a pat in the back. This might sound like a given, but it’s really important to recognize the good in ourselves, as it is the antidote to a low self-esteem.

If you’re comfortable enough with your condition, share it with your manager or HR representative. It’s important for them to know so they can help you if a crisis were to happen.

I applaud you for being brave enough to fight the struggle every day. My best wishes to you in your career and here’s to hoping you have great success in whatever you do.

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