I Spend A lot of Time Explaining How Medium Works

Do other editors, too?

It’s not the first time I’ve represented myself with Jack Black.

I just sent a joint email to a new editor and a new writer who are both just joining Invisible Illness. Emails like this are the closest thing I do to training since my work on Invisible Illness happens in stolen moments (it’s an unpaid gig, after all).

In this example I’m showing both the writer and the editor how to submit a new piece written on an outside blog to the publication.

Writer’s Steps

1. Create a Medium account at: https://medium.com/

2. Click “Write a story” in upper right corner

3. Copy and paste your piece (and include an image at the top if it feels right for more clickthrough).

4. When you’re done, send new editor and me the link.

New Editor’s steps

1. When writer sends over her link, go to the bottom of the post, to the 3 little dots .

See them there? Above the word “following”?

2. Click those dots.

3. Hit “Request story for your publication.”

4. You will have the space to write the writer a little note. (You can just write “hi, it’s me” or whatever.)

5. Send request.

6. Once writer accepts request, it will submit her post to the publication.

7. Then you need to accept it just like you have the other pieces…

I don’t blame Medium for any of this wonkiness. I think it’s actually just part of getting new people used to new software, and in general the cleanness of Medium makes is easier to do. I share this because I never hear other editors talk about the time they spend trying to help writers get their work up, and I think it’s a worthy topic. Also, I want everyone to know how the system works!

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