If You Are Broken For Having A Mental Illness, Then So Am I

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

We call ourselves broken.

We call ourselves weak.

We call ourselves all sorts of horrible names.





We are convinced that we are nothing but the definition of the words we use to define myself.

But tell me, would you call anybody the names you call yourself?

Would you tell your suicidal friend that they deserve to die?

Would you tell your depressed friend that they are broken?

Would you tell your anxiety-ridden friend that she’s weak?

Would you call other people what you call yourself?

But- don’t you realise that that is exactly what you are doing?

You call yourself broken because you are depressed. Wouldn’t that make every other depressed person on this earth broken as well?

You tell yourself that you are weak because you suffer from anxiety. Wouldn’t that make everyone who suffers from anxiety weak as well?

You call yourself all sorts of names for having a mental illness. Doesn’t that mean that everyone else suffering from them are what you label yourself?

You call other people strong for battling their mental illnesses. You tell everyone that they are not weak and that they are not broken.

So tell me; why not call yourself those as well?

Because if you’re broken, then so am I.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember: you are more than the horrible names you label yourself. You just- you just have to realise that.