Medicine and Therapists Abroad

One of the most important things for me when planning my trips is to make sure I have enough medicine to last me while I am abroad. I take anxiety medication everyday and my body does not react well when I go off of this cycle, so it is critical for me to work with my insurance and doctor to have an accurate prescription while I am outside of the United States.

I am typically outside of the United States from 2–4 months at times, so that is the experiences I am speaking on. I specifically want to talk on the importance of talking with your insurance provider and doctor before traveling as well as how I handle my therapist appointments while constantly on the go.

For medicine there are multiple tricks you can do to make sure you have your prescription while abroad. I typically work with my doctor for her to prescribe me a larger supply at once along with talking with my insurance provider (with the help of my mom #tryingtoadult) for a vacation supply. This will typically allow me to have 4 months of medicine at once. However, when traveling with prescription medicine it is very important to alway carry a copy of your paper prescription with you in case your stopped by airport security.

As for therapy sessions, like I have said in previous blog posts I mainly use Skype when I am outside of the United States. I have tried FaceTime, but typically the connection is not very strong. Using Skype where I can call my therapist’s cell phone number typically works best and has the clearest connection. Before my sessions when abroad I prepare a little more than I would for my sessions at home. I like to think about what I ask before hand more since there is less of a connection over Skype. However, I definitely think it is helpful to keep therapy sessions going regularly if you do this when at home. Going abroad is a time of transition, change, and excitement and maintaining some sense of normal always helps me remain calm and collected when everything is changing.