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Invisible Illness

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Mental Note Vol. 37

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

“6 Causes of Childhood Trauma That Our Society Doesn’t Fully Recognize” Patrícia S. Williams

“How I Learned to Love The Brain That Injured Me” Brin S.

“Why Does Mania Feel So Productive?” Matthew Maniaci

“Should You Discuss Your Mental Health With Your Boss?”Missy Crystal

“What Treating My High Functioning Anxiety Really Cost Me”Estrella Ramirez

“Joy is Essential, Especially During Hard Times”Martha Manning, Ph.D.

“I Make the Decision to Live Everyday”Bronté Bettencourt

“Student Mental Health Days Immediately Need to be Accepted” A. T. Micalizzi

“Healthy Brains Need Good Sleep”John Kruse

“I’m Autistic — Here Are 6 Things I’m Doing to Better Handle My Depression” Ines May



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