My Boss Made Me Take a Mental Health Day

In related news, I’m self-employed

Danell teNyenhuis Black
Invisible Illness
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4 min readApr 22, 2024


A picture of a tablet that says “Mental Health Matters.”
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I’ve been struggling this week. On Monday and Tuesday, I saw 14 clients in my counseling practice. I schedule up to 33 clients per week. I do this because many people often cancel, and I try to ensure I see enough clients to make a living. Seven clients in one day is too many. Sometimes, I need to take a step back.

Monitoring my mental health

As a therapist, my code of ethics requires me to monitor myself for signs of impairment. I need to be aware of any physical, mental, or emotional impairment. I take this requirement seriously, and I pay to see a counselor weekly to ensure that I can process everything I see and hear and still be present for my clients.

When Wednesday rolled around this week, I was at my limit and recognized that I needed to take a break. Fortunately, none of my clients on that day’s schedule had been experiencing any crisis.


Self-care is vital for mental health. We all need time to rest and recharge. I regularly ask my clients about self-care practices and work with them to develop new routines.

My self-care for the day included extra sleep, a nice long bath, knitting, and writing. While doing these things, I…