My depression has cured me

Photo: Peter Sjo

My depression has cured me of my superficiality.

I saw a superbrand ad today. 
The superbrand to make us happy by flirting with us through that ad.
The superbrand having the magic power to give us the answer of 42.

It promises to make us happy. Something like: 
Visit, no really, try it.

Then, the shiny happy people social network superbrand that is actually painted in the color of blue. Define irony.

The painful superficiality produced by marketing wiseguys to make us numb and obedient spread like a disease*. Well, not me. I am depressed, not impressed, and you cannot touch me. I became the marketing atheist.
Because I just don’t care anymore.
*see more at the

My depression has cured me of my superstition.

I used to have an OCD. When there were tiles on the floor I couldn’t step on a line because something terrible would happen to me. I also had a strange ritual before I was leaving my house I won’t even talk about. And there was much more that I did or didn’t do just to save myself from the apocalypse. Then I got depressed.
Now I just don’t care. And I can repeat it 13 times if I wanted to.

My depression has cured me of my hypocrisy.

I used to come along with my CEOs. 
I was a yes-man to everybody.
The Mista Dobalina
That behavior led me straight to the moral sewer. Then I got depressed.
Then I discovered the power of NO. Saying it with ease was so liberating. 
You can’t touch me because I got my F-number. 
And I just don’t care!

My depression has cured me of all the bad news.

As I got depressed I couldn’t care less about bad politics, bad economics, issues that could become issues, threats that could become threats and never actually do.
I was in my pit, my own pending doom. So come on you fear inducing media, give me your best shot. You all are dwarfed by my legion of demons. You bunch of wimps.
Because I just don’t care anymore.

My depression improved my vision.

I could see all the toxic people with incredible clarity.
My bullshit detector was upgraded to 2.0. 
So, I observed, I forgave, and after wishing all the best I left those people.
I saw them for who they really were, not the way I wanted them to be.
And I really didn’t care.

What kind of healthy are you?