Come join us sisters!

Strong Women Get Shit Done!

Since I have been writing on Medium several fabulous, amazing and inspiring women have responded to my posts. I have since began communicating with a few through email in order to build deeper connections, and the result has been just phenomenal! I am looking to create a network of support comprised of strong, resilient, brilliant, fired-up, fed-up, driven, ambitious, and kick-ass women! Together in solidarity we can do anything!!

And by the way — you are already all of those things. YOU are beautiful and perfect exactly as you are. Don’t ever forget that.

Some of us deal with depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders, or my oldest fiendish foe, not feeling good enough. The root of all mental illness and suffering is truly just not feeling good enough. Well we are good enough dammit, and together we will never let each other forget.

Some of us are in recovery and have been sober for years (Amanda you GO GIRL!!).

Some of us have dealt with tremendous loss and trauma in our lives (Julie, your strength inspires me every day).

And most of us are living with a combination of all of those things.

I am here to tell each and every one of you that you are never alone in your struggles. When we come together and share our experiences — cry, laugh, agonize, feel joy, suffer, and soar — we create something beautiful. We create the human experience of bonding together with true intimacy and friendship with other women. Too many of us have suffered alone — me included — and we just don’t need to anymore.

We will no longer suffer in silence, because we have each other ❤

If you need a friend, I will be your friend, and lots of other women will be your friend too :)

If you need a shoulder to cry on or a tough woman to tirelessly cheer you on and support you from the sidelines, please reach out. Together we will start a network of women to support each other through Medium, or email, or whatever we damn well feel like!!

We are Sister Survivors.

Let’s get together — in the virtual sense of course. Some of us are international which is sooooo freakin’ cool! If you are interested or you need a friend or just want to have another woman to talk to, please don’t hesitate to email me! I read all emails and respond to each and every one. We can start a group email too for all of us to get to know each other if that is something that would be of interest to any of you.

Thrive my sisters and be well. Email me at:

Or Twitter me, or Medium me! We GOT this ladies.


Love to you all, K. ❤ xoxoxo

Thank you kindly for reading my work. I appreciate it with everything that I am. Follow me on Twitter