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#2 The spoon theory

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Waking up can be the worst time of day.

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Sorting out the differences and misunderstandings

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“Personalities are like impressionistic paintings. At a distance, each person is 'all of a piece’; up close, each is a bewildering complexity of moods, cognitions, and motives.” — Theodore Millon

I’m so ashamed in admitting to the world that I can’t financially take care of my own mother during her illness

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Why you’re better off listening to your body than society

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Epilepsy is hard as it is, don’t make it harder by judging people with epilepsy.

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One of the sides of my personality disorder

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Your suffering is valid even if it doesn’t inspire a work of art.

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And in no way should you feel guilty about that

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Why do workplaces lack a “Wellness” room?

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Invisible Illness

We don't talk enough about mental health.

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