The World is Going to Hell, Not You

Check out my 666 analysis.

The first 6

Have things been falling apart lately?

  1. Thoughts become issues
  2. Issues become crisis
  3. The crisis become despair
  4. Then the breakdown,
  5. Followed by a hard reset.
  6. System reboots…

The hardware seems fine.
Then, it must be the software.

The second 6

  1. Operating system development failure (our parents installed it poorly)
  2. Software development was lousy (our peers were bad programmers, with own malfunctioning OS)
  3. Bad software meets the internet (leaving our parents, living on our own)
  4. Malware strikes (bad situations we attract with our crappy software)
  5. Using cheap anti-malware software to fix the problem (substance abuse)
  6. System failure (Ending up in the maintenance department, that is psych ward)

But what was the cause?

The third 6

  1. There is no University for parenting and love. The System teaches us things that are necessary for the System to operate, not for us to operate. We learn science, we gain knowledge, gigantic knowledge but we are dwarves when it comes to love.
  2. There is no University for friendship and solidarity. The System maintains the pecking order, keeping things as they are. The class structure opposes those who try to advance. The social Darwinism.
  3. There is no University for intimacy. The System doesn’t care about quality sexual and partnership education. It objectifies sex, profanes it, distorts it, molests it. It doesn’t care about marriage, partnership. It absurdly doesn’t care about its own procreation.
  4. There is no University for morality. The System thrives on moral Darwinism. We are chosen by the appropriate wolf pack and to survive we are taught how to select the weak and abuse them for the benefit of the pack.
  5. There is no University for the soul hygiene. The System only produces chemical meds to sustain the System sustainers and their roles, not the sustainers as whole human beings. (disclaimer: this is philosophical rant, please use your meds as prescribed, and work on your soul)
  6. The System is faulty. It is fundamentally broken. There is no University for building and maintaining the system based on previous 5 universities.

So, you are FINE. It is the System that is SICK.

The Soul Test

If you agree with my points, at least some of them. You are FINE. Your soul is FINE. You see the faulty System. That is good news.

But, if you are a part of the System, the Matrix, then what I have just written seems like it was made up by a CRAZY person. 
For that’s how the System sees us, the ones with hopefully healthy souls.

Let us build the System with the right education. Let our future looks more Utopian and less Dystopian. We all see that we are going in the wrong direction. I made the diagnose, I am not sure about the therapy. Help me out. These issues can be resolved. I just don’t know how.

In the meantime, I am working on myself. I choose to love. For it heals my soul, and consequently, my mental state improves. It is all connected. Everything is connected. Let us break free from the Matrix. Love is the key that sets us free.

Love! Escape!

Just fly away, free.