Keep hope, the shine is on your way…

Under the Shine: The pack left behind!

The Shadows around, too dark to count
Haunted my peace, well, beyond bounds
Seeping through hopeless nights
Demons inside, sheltered from the light,
Roared so loud, smashed the soul within
O dear peace, where had it been?

Still you stayed, quite unafraid
Pushed aside the thoughts that scare
With Pearls of hope that never fade
Had broken the chains of the devil’s snare;
Not with promises kept and laid
But an ocean of immense care!

Storms blew a million times
The pain wasn’t only mine-
You walked miles,
holding onto the shine,
Time to time,
Until the grey shades grew apart
And I could feel my heart;

Still those eyes could not beam that smile
Lost amidst the broken piles
Trying to hide the things they dealt
Woes in folds, the misery felt;

Now Keep that away for a while-
Put at bay, the smile you show
Let the teardrops fall in a row
Pearls they are, ought to get u in
Hear how the sky laughs,
At the storms it had seen;

Still a pack of shine is left behind
Let’s share this for you and me
Don’t be afraid, we’ll get home safe
Just because it is meant to be!