Vibrant Livin’

{composed 10:53 a.m. South Cortez St., New Orleans}

Post Mardi Gras Magnolia — Terrance Osborne

the mere seconds of when an epiphany becomes translucent for your understanding, 
or when an immortal truth strikes you, 
that moment is no less than a beautiful relief.
your aura, your energy lives on longer than the metacognizant physical elements of your body. 
for your body will surely age and decay, 
but the happiness you poured into other vessels, will continue to be filled through your legacy. 
for the vessels that might have left you empty as you gave and gave but were not poured back into,
will be filled..
through your laughs, color, and sincerity you give to this world. 
and that is a belief in God, your karmic intent/destiny, and the Universe gathering positive energy for you that you must believe in. 
because when you do, those good things will find a way of settling as a manifestation of your reality. 
a way you paved for yourself, 
in which you did not wait, nor settle, 
but earned what you deserved.
and that is when you will inhale the beauty of life.

  • please do not use any words or phrases from this piece, for any purpose.