Welcome, Prince Harry

Way to jump in, fellow voyager.

“I’ve spent most of my life saying I’m fine.”

A few days ago, Prince Harry appeared on the first episode of a new mental health podcast in the UK. You can listen to the full 27 minute interview here. Note that the angle of the coverage is, predictably, taking the “good for him” angle.

When I hear Harry’s voice in the interview, this is how I feel, though:

It’s a little scary at first, but then it’s fun. And the water feels great.

When Harry has the courage to say he’s feeling nervous, I want to hold back the overly-eager interviewer from talking over him. Especially when she shouts at him, “There’s nothing to be nervous about!”

I feel protective.

Harry is stepping into a new role as a spokesperson. He’s also about to roll right into a vulnerability hangover. Anyone who has written or talked about their own mental health won’t be needing to click on that link.

I may also be wanting to share some of the protective power that I’ve slowly (excruciatingly) built up in the past few years talking to others about my own mental health. I want Prince Harry to know protective power will be his too. It’s built and shaped, just like a muscle.

You too, dear friend. I want you to know it too. Come on in, the water’s waiting.

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