Yes, Your Smartphone or Tablet Can Be Great for Your Mental Health

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  • Grounding exercises don’t take away your problems. These techniques help you recognize your emotions, negative thought patterns by being mindful of our thoughts, beliefs and reactions and to be present. When a person feels overwhelmed. Grounding and breathing exercises are a way of helping a person center themselves.
  • They develop these apps with the help of qualified professionals like therapists and psychiatrists. Plus, to help someone who is having a mental health crisis, or a who lives with a mental illness. A person or in this case an app needs to have extensive knowledge and resources about these topics.
  • These apps help you recognize unhealthy habits, thought patterns and emotions. By. helping to create healthier approaches to these issues and gives you a non judgmental outlet to express yourself.
  • These apps make you a part of your treatment plan and give the users a better sense of control over their lives. This is helpful because having a mental illness I know how powerless it can make you feel.

Author/Writer @ Thought Catalog, LiberoMagazine, Invisible illness/Beautiful Voyager & TotallyADD. I’m a trained peer supporter with an education in psychology

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