Your Honor, I give you the cause of Depression.

Two arguments for the causes and cures of depression.

So I started the day as I try to everyday, with a dose of positive information/ inspiration. This I do through you-tube, medium, or books such as ‘Chicken soup for the soul’. I have been trying to read Anthony Robbins ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ for some time now. I find his style more suited to a presentation or seminar rather than a book which is why I have somewhat struggled with it.

This morning though I picked it back up and am rather glad I did as it provided me with a science lesson I may never forget. A lesson on the human nervous system.

Stay with me here as it’s starts to get good.

Ladies and Gentlemen; I give to you two arguments for the reason and prevention of depression. They may act alone or may be intertwined, that is for you to conclude.

Argument One

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the body, for example a lack or non-existence of Sertraline. This imbalance prevents the human body from properly interpreting thoughts entering the brain. I call to the stand to offer a brief description of some medication used for reducing the symptoms of depression. Many of you may recognize these forms of medication and have had various success using them. A statement that lept out of the article at me though was the following; “depression may be due to a chemical imbalance.” This suggests that we still don’t know if replenishing the body with drugs is an adequate solution. Thinking back, I do not recall any tests for lack of Sertraline in my brain, so how can it be justified to give extra doses as medication? Having said this I do believe medication has enabled me to help control my mood and remove some of the haze that cluttered my mind.

Argument Two

Depression is caused by a chain reaction between a negative thought and an explosion of neuron activity.

I call to the stand Mr Anthony Robbins, who has broken down the science bit nicely for me, and states that;

  1. The human nervous systems contains 28 billion neurons
  2. These neurons are nerve cells that help us to interpret information and carry out instructions according to that information
  3. These neurons can act independently or as a collective
  4. A reaction in one neuron can spread to hundreds of thousands of others in less than 20 milliseconds, that’s 1/10th the time its takes to blink.

Thank you for your time Mr Anthony Robbins, this is a subject I will definitely be studying further. Just let number 4 sink in for a moment. Hundreds of thousands of neurons collectively sending out the same message to your brain in less than 20 milliseconds, and all on the recommendation of the information interpreted by one little neuron. No wonder a person can go from feeling OK or even good to deeply sad or depressed within minutes. If a negative thought or event can trigger an internal explosion of information and emotion then surely this must be the cause for depression. Victor E. Frankl said that “suffering completely fill the human soul and conscious mind, no matter whether the suffering is great or little”. Now Dr Frankl may not have had neurons in mind when making this observation but it may they are clearly corroborating pieces of evidence.If this is the case then what is the cure? Is it the drugs to help naughty neurons chill out and think before they start cajoling their fellow neurons into a mass riot, or do the drugs just mask a wiring problem that really needs untangling by means of mental and physical exercises and activities?

The counter argument to this cause of depression is that why, if all humans are prone to the same positive and negative thoughts, do some people suffer from a paralyzing chain reaction and others spring back quickly, ready to fight another day?


In many ways the truth is still out there; Medication can help reduce the symptoms of depression, that is widely recognized. But the ‘cure’, if there is such a thing is surely lies in the understanding and conditioning of the human nervous system to take a thought and process it in the best way to serve the wants and needs of the individual. That is the end of this article and my inspiration for the day, but it is surely

to be continued…………….

Have a great day everyone.