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It’s May, and mental health awareness month has started. Every year I look forward to the social media programming: the people who share stories of recovery, those receiving support for their current struggles, and the community of providers on social media sharing amazing mental health content. …

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In the psychiatric community, borderline personality disorder (BPD) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) tend to be spoken in the same breath. Diagnosed with BPD? Then you need to enter DBT treatment. …

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Since the beginning, humans have needed others — regardless of gender, ethnicity, or geographic location, we are social creatures. Quality relationships make us happier, healthier, and more productive. Social support buffers stress and fulfills an important psychological need to belong and feel accepted by others.

In an ideal, harmonious world…

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Being autistic is a mixed bag. While I love and am grateful for many of my autistic traits, there are many aspects that are just plain symptoms; like sensory sensitivities, exhaustion, and executive dysfunction that limit my ability to participate in life.

And sometimes those unwanted autistic bits, the symptoms…

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I grew up in a household where gaslighting was the norm. My parents would often deny my reality and I distinctly remember when I was just shy of approaching teenager-hood, I felt insane.

Anything I said felt like a lie because I couldn’t trust my own perception of events and…

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On the weekend of October 8 at UNC-Chapel Hill, one student died by suicide and one student attempted suicide. In this semester alone, three students have died by suicide. This can’t keep happening. …

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Content warning: suicide.

“Suicide survivor.”

I’m still struggling to use those words to describe myself. I never attempted suicide. There was no mad rush to the hospital to save my life as always happens so dramatically on the television. …

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There’s nothing you can do.

I kept telling myself this when I wrestled with whether or not to drive up to see my grandmother as she reached the end of her life. I knew she was actively dying, and it was only a matter of time.

How much — we…

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Depression, schizophrenia, and even ADHD probably garner more attention, but in the US and worldwide, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health conditions. Doctors diagnose Social Anxiety Disorder more frequently than any other anxiety disorder with the exception of specific phobias.

Many individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder also fulfill…


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Depression has been my dark companion ever since I can remember. When I first got diagnosed with depression as a teenager the psychiatrist didn’t realize that this was not just a “mild depressive episode” or some “adaptive disorder” that could be treated by bombarding it with random anti-depressants.

So that’s…

Invisible Illness

We don't talk enough about mental health.

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