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Invisible AI CEO, Eric Danziger, appointed to the A3 Vision Strategy Board

By the Invisible AI Team

We are excited to announce our CEO, Eric Danziger, was appointed to the A3 Vision & Imaging Technology Strategy Board.

The Association for Advancing Automation is the leading global automation trade association of the vision & imaging, robotics, motion control, and industrial AI industries. A3 has been instrumental in Invisible AI’s growth as a company and has helped reinforce Invisible’s unique views on the changing computer vision landscape.

“We were excited to see some old friends at the A3 Business Forum this week and made many new ones as we all worked to bring technology to industry”, said Eric Danziger about his new appointment.

Eric hopes to bring his experience in cutting-edge computer vision technology and early stage companies to the role. While he always enjoys talking about deep learning and finding areas that actually work reliably today, Eric is most excited thinking about how to get more young people to work in manufacturing technology and related industries. The United States is still a manufacturing powerhouse, and we need a lot of help modernizing and growing manufacturing and logistics.

About Invisible AI

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Invisible AI provides the next generation computer vision system that revolutionizes the data collecting process of manual operations for manufacturing companies and significantly improves the productivity, quality, and safety of manual operations. Invisible AI’s simple, secure and scalable system has gained tremendous traction, and has had proven success in deploying and delivering valuable results within hours for top manufacturing companies like Toyota North America. Invisible AI’s mission is to empower manufacturing industries worldwide and to accelerate the fourth industrial revolution.

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