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Invisible Pillar

A T-Bird. A Stoplight. A Dive Bar.

From the Mountain - One Crazy Winter Day in 1971, Albany, NY

Photo by Max Simonov on Unsplash

So there we were, in his 1964 Ford T-Bird driving around Albany, NY in the winter of 1971. It was January or thereabouts, a blustery, cold day, gray skies and snow on the ground that crunched when you walked on it. Always hated the sound and feel of crunching snow. It usually meant temperatures were near zero. But the streets were thankfully…

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From the Mountain ~ Stories & Photos of JD Adams

From the Mountain ~ Stories & Photos of JD Adams

Writer ~ Photographer “From the Mountain” Now I write from a mountain top, not the desert, and include photos from the Blue Ridge Mts.

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