Why LinkedIn? What’s the purpose?

JD Adams
JD Adams
Dec 14, 2020 · 4 min read

Am I wasting my time?

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Your life on LinkedIn may seem like you are just a number, lost in a herd of people. Maybe you are. Maybe we all are, and fight it.

But there’s an interesting fact I recently, and quite accidentally, discovered. I’ll get to that “discovery” in a minute.

Most people on LinkedIn post about themselves… “here’s who I am and what I do. Hire me.”

I could (and did in the past) post some cute episode in life and tie it to some “lesson” from some well-known writer or marketer whose book I just read or youtube video I listened to last week, namedropping them to hopefully add to your perception of me, that of being well-read, knowledgeable, blah blah.

You get the point. Not very authentic. As another connection on LinkedIn said in a post a couple weeks ago, “that’s posting just to post and a waste of time”.

I agree. To me, that type of post is not value, or valuable. Nor is it “me”. That’s someone promote themself based upon this evolving, if not overused, thing called “value”.

So a minute ago, I mentioned a “discovery”. Here’s how that came about. My “discoveries” are below.

I decided a week ago to post daily about people who I have met and befriended on LinkedIn, to acknowledge them and introduce them to others. I decided to not post about myself or my stories, my writing so much.

Instead, I decided to write about all the other very cool and good people I have met on LinkedIn.

What gave me the idea and got me started with this, was after a Zoom meeting with Gopi Rupareliya, a web designer in India, whom I recently met when she asked to connect. (Click on her name to see her profile). I was impressed with her knowledge and intelligence after our Zoom call, and so I decided to tell others about her.

Now, I will still write and post my own stories, my own content, but not as much this month. Instead, I wish to spend the month thanking those I have met and have, at times, helped me or just befriended me.

My “discovery”: Here’s the interesting part. For over a year, I have posted on LinkedIn and typically receive anywhere from 30–75 “likes” for my stories. A few times, maybe 100+ “likes.”

  • Discovery #1 — This past week, as I have written and posted about others, I have “discovered” these posts have received far more “likes,” usually within hours. My first post, about Gopi Rupareliya a web designer, is now over 1000 “likes”. But why?

Indeed, my post about her originally, is what gave me the idea to continue doing this daily. Why not? It mixes well with my motto of sorts for the new year: “Do good. Be better”. (I just made that up, not some guru, so please feel free to quote me.)

  • Discovery #2 — People don’t want to read about you necessarily. If they do, it’s in your “About” section. Like myself, many may be tired of all those “gold nuggets” that come from the books that I already have read.

It is said, “provide value” in your posts. Well, regurgitated “value”, these nuggets of gold, from someone many years, even decades ago… is not, in my opinion, value (unless you are someone who does not read books and these nuggets new to you).

Just post the damn book and author and mention why you think it’s awesome. That’s “value.” Why? You are telling me something I don’t know. That’s “value”!

  • Discovery #3 “Value” shouldn’t be, in my opinion, some tidbit from the book you just read last week or last year. Consider this… the definition of “value” is shifting. And it may continue to shift.

The conclusion I draw from these “discoveries”?
1) Be a good human. Assist, think about and be willing to help others.
2) Be honest with others and with yourself
3) Be giving with your time and your words
4) Be yourself.
Try all of these without worry of cost or income. It’s called creating good karma.

Most of those I have met on LinkedIn are good, honest, and intelligent people who I believe truly want to help others. Those who are all about the almighty dollar, it shows. You’re like heroin addicts who think “no one will notice”.

This is why I decided to write about the ones I have met on here, write about them daily, and introduce them to others like you. Helping good people.

What’s in it for me?

I am hopefully building strong relationships that will blossom into referrals and business. But more so, I know this has been a terrible year for many people, myself included. So why not think about others and not just myself?

Let’s make the coming new year a better one than the current one. Start by thinking about others.

And THAT my friends… spending my time, during my day, to write and post my posts, about other people I met on LinkedIn to promote them in the coming year… THAT is “value

Beats those hijacked little “golden nuggets.”

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