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Saturday, 09 September 2017

Org Charts

5 Processes For Organizing Your Team’s Org Charts

Francis Pedraza
Sep 9, 2017 · 5 min read

1. Hierarchies

You’ve seen hierarchical org charts before. They represent the most standard way of looking at a company’s reporting structure. Below are examples of our own org charts, as they have evolved over time.

Reporting Structure — Q3 2017
Reporting Structure — Q2 2017
Reporting Structure 1 — Q1 2016
Reporting Structures 2, 3 and 4— Q1 2016

2. Flows

But the company’s reporting hierarchy is not the only way of looking at the organization. There are a variety of work flows and decision flows that are far more important to day to day operations.

Sales Flow — Q3 2017

3. Diagrams

Diagrams are for products. Product managers, designers and engineers build diagrams to map all sorts of technical relationships. Your S.I. can’t build them for you, but your S.I. can help you identify missing diagrams, give you a template, set aside time for you to do the work, and make sure you keep the diagram up to date every time the product receives a major upgrade.

Database and Interface Diagram — Q2 2017
Osmosis and Buffer Diagrams — Q2 2016

4. Integrations

Org Charts are useful in themselves, but they become especially handy when you’re doing other things — like setting up Accounts, running Reports, or managing Hiring. If you know who reports to who, if you know what the operational flow is, if you know who makes certain kinds of decisions, if you know what teams someone is supposed to belong to — you can integrate that information with a lot of other operational processes.

5. Advanced

Suppose you’re into personality tests, intelligence tests, and other kinds of psychological profiling. If you have everyone in your company take the Myers — Briggs test, then you have a profile on every individual in your company. But unless you put this into a chart, you can’t actually see the organizational implications.

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