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Saturday, 09 September 2017


9 Processes For Organizing Your Team’s Updates

1. Metrics

Setting up a metrics dashboard, keeping the numbers up to date, maintaining a historical record — these are all things your S.I. will offer to do for you. What metrics do you currently track? What metrics are too time consuming, but which you’d like to track if you could?

2. Reports

Reports are regular updates on tasks and projects.

3. Memos

Memos are ad-hoc updates about decisions or strategy. Usually one to three pages long, but essentially, the format is flexible — and can be adapted to the manager’s needs.

4. Announcements

Announcements are time-sensitive and short messages used to communicate information or make requests. Just write the announcement and give it to your S.I. for distribution. Your S.I. can even verify receipt from all recipients, and report back to you when everyone has acknowledged.

5. Letters

Letters are a long format for extended thinking. You can write letters to your team, your company or your board of directors. Letters can be used, for example, to review historical progress and suggest future plans.

6. Changelog

Changelogs are product updates. Every time an upgrade is made and the version number is increased, a changelog is written to keep track of the evolution.

7. Monitoring

Make sure you receive updates on what matters to you. Tell your S.I. to monitor communication channels for you, and to look out for updates on certain topics or projects. Your S.I. can even collate these for you and set aside time for you to read them, so you can review them at a glance, and without distractions.

8. Chasing

Sometimes you want an update on a specific task or project. But chasing people is a distraction for you, and a relationship drain. Because your S.I. is really their S.I. (even if they have different names, it’s the same system), it isn’t hard to chase people — you’re effectively sharing an assistant.

9. Advanced

Want to be told every time there’s an update to the website? Or notified when the sales team hits their quota? Or to publish your archive of board of directors updates to your company’s blog?

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