Development Q&A 8 Feb 19

Can our CEO do a training video on how to read books?

Yes he can! AND…I have Francis Pedraza slated to do the following videos at some point:
— Welcome-to-the-company video
— Bushido Rally Video
— Invisible ideals, how we’re going to change the world, etc.

Are you going to get deeper with Partners with the updated equity model? I feel like people may have questions on that.

I’m going to do a write up for Medium on the equity model and post it. After that, if Partners have specific questions, I’m happy to answer them.

Why is senior engineer hiring so much better than it was ?

Due to the heroic efforts of our Hiring Team! Dilip and Melody hand-sourced additional candidates from LinkedIn and AngelsList while the DAL was backed up. They spent hours reaching out to candidates based on a very specific set of criteria.

How is training working nowadays? Do we have tests for every role?

Training will soon be getting major upgrades! We are moving our moving our training content to Udemy and building out training categories for each team. You can expect a v1.0 of this by the end of the month. We don’t have internal training designed for each Agent role yet. We are still missing training for finance agents, growth agents, and some training for development agents. I expect every role will have a learning pathway by end of the quarter.

What is this content agent doing and how is it different than what Larry is doing and will there be any overlap?

Our content agent is strictly Training Content! Our new agent hire has a lot of experience building robust and interactive online-based learning content. She will be helping us upgrade the quality and quantity of our internal training.

How can we signal to agents that a position in training is coveted and important?

By getting them involved! And by making training meaningful and beneficial to them! For the first tactic, we are planning on pulling agents into the development of new training material. And for the second tactic, we are hoping that through our expanded online training platform (and eventually communities of learning and practice) we will create a learning culture that truly benefits all of our Agents and Partners and all will be inclined to contribute their knowledge.

Do we have performance rating for our agents?

We have a half-built system for Agents based on subjective manager assessments. They are completed weekly. This project has been stymied by the DAL transition and getting access to new metrics on DAL 2.0. Development is going to do a BIG revamp of Agent evals in March.

How is development tracking against the actionable from Tuesday’s meeting?

On track! See Asana for updates. We have also augmented our priorities for training and hiring needs after more talks with Ops. Ops and Dev are syncing daily. We will have an upgraded hiring and testing pipeline by Monday and Ops is doing a better job of sending feedback so we can improve training content.

Are you still planning on getting a Kindle account for the company so we can have a company wide library (maybe even with a small budget?)

Not at this juncture. It’s too costly to do before our next round of fundraising. But I have added it to the budget Wish List for after fundraising.

How will new training modules will affect agent efficiency?

We are building a more robust assessment tool to deliver to Agents before they onboard full time with Invisible. This should help us determine the speed at which Agents can complete basic tasks. Next, we are upgrading our existing training modules to include practice exercises designed to help agents build speed and efficiency.

What do you think about the test that we give to engineering candidates?

I think testing engineering candidates is essential and helps us weed through a pool of candidates quickly. It is not effective enough to select for Partner matches thought. Being a Partner is far more about culture fit and commitment than just tech skills. What do you think of the engineering test? We welcome feedback on this test from all of our tech folks!

How do you see the engineering hiring go in the next couple of weeks? Do we have any strong candidates that can be brought in fast?

We have 6 candidates in final interviews! And more in the pipeline. Fingers crossed for at least 2 hires from this batch.

What else can the company do for you to increase our hiring speed and quality? What steps do you need to take that you haven’t taken yet?

What would help us the most is if the DAL could do all the manual labor my team is currently doing sourcing candidates. There is an enormous amount of time spent on sourcing candidates by hand…and that is time taken away from interviews, pipeline improvement, and hiring marketing. We need the DAL to work for us as a proper client. Help us, help you!

Regarding involving Partners on developing training materials, do you have an outline of that plan? Looks great!

We have a rough outline! We want partners to do brief interviews covering topics that are pertinent to their areas of expertise. And we also want a short intro video on every staff member…who they are, why they are here, why they love it here!

Super excited about the training! What will be the first focus? What area will training hit first for the agents?

First we are focusing on building a new module that can select for solid new hires in Operations. This will test for things like timeliness on tasks and ability to interpret a delegation. Next we are upgrading our tools-based training for the processes we work in the DAL. And, in parallel, roll out all the training content that Udemy offers. This should help our agents level up in many areas.