Thursday, 14 March 2019

Growth Team Update

Overall: Yellow moving up-and-to-the Green. Sales is Green, Support is Yellow trending Red, Marketing is Yellow recovering from Red. Main limits on Support is capacity, on Marketing is having a ‘Growth Hacker’ type person
  • MRR: $32,500
  • Atleast another $500 in new sales that will close by tomorrow and a potential $250 upsell that will drive this over $33k. Really want to hit $40k by EOM
  • Clients acquired: 1 — $500/month
  • Clients reactivated: 1 — $250/month
  • Clients added this month: 16
  • 2 strong-looking VP of Marketing Candidates in the pipeline
  • Synching with Dilip on sending out an offer tomorrow to a ‘Lead’-level agent to manage operators and do scraping/lead generation/outreach
  • On track to hire 2 RLMs by EOW next week
  • On track to hire a Support agent by EOW next week
Major Sales Updates
  • 1 more client is interested in investing in Invisible and leveraging us for a channel partnership. I’m fielding this.
  • NEED: Ric Pedraza, Marshall Sutherland, and Francis Pedraza input on the perfunctory ‘Channel Partnership’ model.
  • Have at least 4–7 similar channel partnership in the pipeline.
  • AN ASK: Ric Pedraza, Aimee Samac if you have any consultants in your network, or investors with large portfolios would really appreciate intros so I can broker more partnerships
  • Ric’s referral is warm now. I’m following up with initial sales materials and targeting a perfunctory discovery call before EOM
Major Support Updates
  • Zein and Bessy traveling, so Skyler, Corey, Manoj and Sam will provide Atusa covering fire in monitoring + auditing clients for issues. Atusa will take over all client-facing interactions.
  • SHOUTOUT: Very thankful to Kamron and the Ops team
  • Commitment from a client to send 40 hours of marketing work next month with a potential upsell to cold-calling and more pipeline-building work towards the end of April
  • A client sent another delegation today. On track for $1k/month subscription close
  • A Client is interested in having a bot for each of his 200 SMB clients he consults for. I will call him tomorrow to flesh this out more.
  • Resegmentation and tiering of Support is on track for Friday and Monday rollout. May have to be delayed until Tuesday/Wednesday due to hiring and the fact it needs to go through one more iteration
Major Marketing Updates
  • Spending $1k/week on PPC. Getting the same number of leads, but CPC is maintained despite us changing strategy, which means we’re ready to scale. Ultimately, I’m reticent to spend more as some of our clients never used a lead scoring system (despite me setting up a perfunctory system bin December) so I have to spend some time tying together sales feedback on leads sent to them so they know what leads from what channels are converting well v. aren’t converting well
  • More data work is needed in marketing to break down more granularly ARPA per channel and correlate it to client churn and client profitability per channel. Dictates what channel we choose and scale
  • Ultimately, need someone to tie together all this data and analysis living in disparate systems to give a single dashboard that shows me my KPIs. 80/20'ing for now — pushing to Bruno next week
  • Synched with Shane yesterday, Larry will move to GRT effective Monday. Chris will stay close to him until EOM to ensure Larry isn’t left on an island
  • Website slightly behind as its bottlenecked on strategic input from the GRT team, the bottleneck is chiefly from capacity