Friday, 19 April 2019

Weekly Hiring Update 19April2019

Dilip Malave
Apr 19 · 2 min read


  • All positions trending Green

Sr. Software Engineer — Tim Bendt (starting early May)

Delivery Manager — Anik Biswas (India) (Starting May end)

Sr. Operators/Lead Agents — 10 (April total)

Agent Operators — 19 (April total)

  • Soon to be Wins:


— Sr. Software Engineer -

REDACTED (Will study up Functional Programming & sync with Leo in the first week of May)

REDACTED— doing his due diligence about INV — will let Shane Mileham know his decision


— Sr Operators/Lead Agents

Strong pipeline — 50 applicants ready to be screened

— Agent — Operators

Got the link — 163

Took the assessment — 66

Passed — 14

Priority Hires by Department

Pipeline Status

  • TNG

— Sr. Software Engineer

  • 3 — Awaiting TNG review

AngelList subscription

New channels activated — DAL reaching out to Engineers associated with Startup Graveyard, Hackathon Winners, General Assembly, Clojure, cold outreach (exhausted Andela, TopTal, Vettery, YC, Etc).

  • Product Managers

1 — waiting for Chris’ feedback

25 — Awaiting TNG review

  • OPT
  • GRT (detailed updates next week)

— DVT sourcing candidates for Head of Enterprise Sales, VP of Marketing/Marketing Manager

— DVT sourcing and screening candidates for 2 RLM’s and 1 Support

  • MGT

— Executive Assistant — Job Description going live EoD today

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