Friday, 22 February 2019

Weekly Hiring Update 22February2019

Dilip Malave
Feb 23 · 3 min read


-Focus this week again has been primarily on Hiring needs for TNG (Sr Software Engineers/Jr Software Engineers) and OPT (Operators/Leads) again this week

-Almost “Optimal dogfooding situation” from DAL. Major support from DAL this week has been super productive. I know this will only get better — Thanks Marshall, Bruno, Xavier, Kamron, Erinn!

-Overall — Status is Yellow (Last week was Red to Yellow)

  • Partner Hiring

Yellow mainly because all of the different strategies implemented the better part of this week are paying off (slowly but surely)

In just the last 24 hours we have 24 candidates in various stages of the the pipeline (CTO and Sr. SE)

50% of the strategies implemented have not been executed yet, so we expect more quality candidates. So expect to see more volume next week.

Live status of Strategies in

  • Agent Hiring

Yellow mainly because we sent out 18 Conditional Offer Letters out just this week. All 18 have accepted and are in various stages of the Udemy Training Assessment.

  • Conducted 35 interviews as a team (mostly Agent Operator interviews this week)
  • Hiring Wins (And Half Wins)!

-Director of Delivery (OPT)

Hoping to hear from Axel T today!!.

-Training Manager (DVT)

Lori M. declined, Erinn following up for feedback

  • Priority Partner Hiring:

-Sr. Software Engineer — Status is Yellow (last week was Red to Yellow)


-Making full-use of LinkedIn Recruiter/Sales Navigator access

-Posting on a lot of these channels is done — GitHub, ProductHunt, HackerNews etc (REDACTED FOR MEDIUM).

-Completed Scraping candidates from:

  • Redacted (next up, set up a nurture campaign)
  • Redacted (next up, set up a nurture campaign)
  • YC (Dead/Live/Exited) companies (next up, set up a nurture campaign)
  • Partner LinkedIns (Francis, Marshall, Shane, Keenahn etc) — (next up, warm intros/1 on 1 outreach)
  • Takeaway:

All are in early experimentation stages — next steps will be optimized based on outcomes

The exercise is will be documented in a “Process Library” so we can clone the process for any position (maybe even sell to clients)

In the near term, to hit the hiring demand, looking into some paid acquisition channels such as 1 or 2 months of AngelList “Source”

-Agent Hiring — Status is Yellow to Green (no change since last week)

New cohort of candidates in the pipeline being screened as of this report.

Testing a new pipeline flow

  • Created new Hiring Assessment on the front-end of Offer before onboarding to the DAL or interviewing with OPT. Candidates must complete new assessment and pass to move to the next stage of hiring.

-18 candidates since Tuesday

-4 Graduated as of yesterday…expect more over the weekend

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