Hiring Update — WE 26th May 2019

Dilip Malave
Jun 5 · 2 min read


  • Almost wins!

Customer Success ManagerKamal Asghar Hashmi — Offer Letter going out today (Atusa RP)

Executive Assistant Novia Plummer — Offer Letter going out today (Aimee RP)

Data Analytics Associate — REDACTEDDilip, Erinn, Zach (thumbsup), with Scott next-up

VP of Operations — REDACTED — Offer Letter out

  • In Interviews

Head of Design — REDACTED —Erinn (thumbsup), Chris (awaiting feedback)

Executive Assistant

— EA for Aimee — EA + 2 agents from DAL ID’d to support Aimee

— EA for OPT (2) — final interviews being scheduled with Erinn/Dilip

Sr. Software Engineer — 3 candidates with TNG next week, 5 more candidates ready to be reviewed by TNG

Sr Operators/Lead Agents — 3 scheduled with Kamron today

  • Early Stages of Pipeline

Director of Delivery — Lots of candidates in the pipeline — delayed

Director/Manager of Process Architecture — awaiting JD from Kamron

Expert Agent (Lead Generation) — Strong candidate — scheduling interview with Kamron for next week

Hiring Priorities — Partner

Hiring Priorities — Agents

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