Marketing Update, Week ending 2/22/19

Here is a snapshot and synthesis of all marketing activities for the last week.

Raw data as always in the ‘Sales <>Marketing Metrics’ document in Drive — I won’t link here to preserve client confidentiality.

Updated values — all 4 remaining Others have churned and were likely PPC

Updates Since Last Week

  1. Attributed all but 4 Clients in our Index (see updated table above)
  2. Streamlined Upwork channel to include cold emails
  3. Scoped a PPC strategy to get $25k more in MRR by April
  4. Actually getting MQLs from Social Outreach channel, finally!

MQLs delivered to Sales This Week

6 Unbounce Submissions and
3 CallRail Inbound Calls and
5 Social Outreach Leads and
7 Hubspot chats equals
21 MQLs this week to date, vs 20 last week, and goal of 30.

Conversions This Week

0 from Social Outreach
1 from Upwork
2 from PPC
2 from Partner referrals
0 from Client referrals
5 Total


1. Social Outreach

It turns out most of the MQLs reported from this channel did not move farther than responding to our message with a non negative response.

Now that I’m in the channel instead of Nabeel, I’m able to report them more realistically. We got 5 actual instances of interest that moved to email/calls this week.

There’s a lot of polishing to be done in this channel, from the targeting, to the followup copy, to the weighing of the vendors. But progress is steady.

2. Woodpecker email

T minus 8 days until the new domains are warm — proceeding on track.

No update here except that we are using the cold email strategy on the jobs we bid on in Upwork, so that even if they do not respond to our proposal, we still have a line of communication with them.

Only about 50% of Upwork job posts have enough info to scrape their email from, however, and we haven’t sent any yet due to operator confusion. By Monday we should have at least a hundred or so to play with.

3. Referrals

Partners are not all referring 1 a week, but we did get 2 referrals this week, and have kicked off at least 1 conversation with big companies due to this initiative.

4. PPC

We’re scoping a big push to get to $25K in new MRR by April via PPC as the main channel.

Considerations and assumptions here:

1. Every increase of $2,500 in monthly budget will likely result in a $1 increase in CPC (starting from $6)
2. For $15k-$25k MRR within 1 month, we need at least a $40k budget and constant close rate of 20%
3. Suggestion is a $10k-$15k budget per month over 3 months in order to validate assumptions.
4. Assumptions are 20% close rate, MRR per client of $500, and Unbounce conversion of 9%

The assumptions are what’s wiggly right now and we’re doubling down on the numbers there to ensure we’re going about this correctly.


  1. Multiple sources of client attribution and retention data continue to make life difficult.
  2. Upwork channel is spinning up slower than anticipated due to operator confusion.