Marketing Update, Week ending 3/01/19

Here is a snapshot and synthesis of all marketing activities for the last week.

This will be my last Marketing update as I’m moving teams to Development. Look for future updates regarding that team, in this same publication!

I’m moving teams to Development so all this will be handed off to Jay and co

Updates Since Last Week

  1. Settled on PPC CAC numbers for the last few months (below)
  2. Confirmed Upwork Yield Strategy with a 25% yield rate
  3. Updated Social Outreach channel templates given feedback
  4. Listed all Marketing Responsibilities for Jay handoff (above)

MQLs delivered to Sales This Week

7 Unbounce Submissions and
4 CallRail Inbound Calls and
6 Social Outreach Leads and
10 Hubspot chats equals
27 MQLs this week to date, vs 21 last week, and goal of 30.

Conversions This Week

0 from Social Outreach
0 from Upwork
3 from PPC
4 from Partner referrals
3 from Client referrals
10 Total


1. Social Outreach

It turns out that our agent Gabriel did not update the targeting template copy 2 weeks ago as he said he would :(. So I got in the weeds and learned how to do it firsthand, and changed the copy and targeting for sales/ recruiters as I reported previously.

We’re still not seeing the engagement we want here, however — most people say ‘no thanks’ or try to hire us directly (which is hilarious). We got 6 real MQLs this week and none of them turned into sales.

We’ll keep iterating, but something about our strategy here seems to be missing. We thought that promising guaranteed results to lead hungry professional would do it, but perhaps the targeting is still too broad.

2. Woodpecker email

T minus 3 days until the new domains are warm — next week!!

I got Gabriel to attribute all 280 rows from Upwork proposals and only 25% of them yield emails. So it’s not quite worth our time to get their contact info — but we’re going to email these 70 people and see if any of them convert that wouldn’t have otherwise.

If only 25% yield emails but 100% of those convert, it could be worth the extra effort after all.

3. Referrals

The telethon went great this week with 8 partners attending and at least a dozen referrals initiated. Our recent Forbes piece makes things timely.

4. PPC

We’re settled on our PPC push in March $10k spend targeting $500 CAC.

See above table for past CAC per platform — plus $68 on top given Sales salary and commission costs. Given what we’ve already seen we’re confident we can hit the above numbers and close $5–10k in new MRR.

We’ll hold the reins tightly and if CPCs are staying low, then we’ll increase spend to try and get closer to $20k in MRR as was the goal.


  1. With my departure and that of Skyler, Growth team is going to be strapped for bandwidth to fulfill all of its responsibilities. Jay is clearly overworked already.
  2. Both Upwork and Social Outreach need dedicated project managers to iterate super closely on them if we’re going to get any satisfying results at all there.