Monday, 16 September 2019

Operation: Battlecry, Week 3

Francis Pedraza
Sep 17 · 2 min read

Slowing down for people, while speeding up for results. I often feel irritated because I’m not getting exactly the results I want. I often take out that irritation on people. When I do slow down for people, take the time to look them in the eye, hear them out, or even better, ask questions… I am usually rewarded tenfold. We have so much to accomplish by the end of September! But on October 1st, September will be ancient history. What will last is the compounding interest of investing in each other.

We have two weeks to go until EOM. The target is $100K MRR by EOM, which would be Net $20K MRR Growth. We’ll be at about $90K after recent closes hit the books, so that means we need $10K to close the gap. Here is our Account Strategy to get there: broken down by New Sales, Expansion and Churn — with weighted estimates.

Limiting Factor
The limiting factor right now is scaling sales ops. We have a powerful lead-gen machine that can put tons of drafts to qualified leads in my inbox, but we need SALES WRITERS to personalize these templates. I’ve asked @Dilip Malave to hire me, agents, to do sales writing and research. Meanwhile, we’re doing our own personalization, in the limited inbox time we have. Dilip understands that this is a P1.

Flying Formation
Sales, Expansion & Customer Success: Jay, Ali, Atusa, Tina, Bessy, Zein, Marshall
Marketing: Lindsay, Hayley
Allies: Chris, Skyler, Shane, Zach, Dilip

Hiring win: Andrew Teichman. Multiple Sales & Expansion wins. Systems are coming together. Data is getting cleaned up. Big product wins on the horizon with Dynamic Agent Pay, Results-Based Pricing, and Process Builder. Executive Line has moved from an internal alpha to an internal beta: supporting Jay,

Invisible: Strategy

“The general who wins makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.”

Francis Pedraza

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Is spirit moving?

Invisible: Strategy

“The general who wins makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.”

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