Marching Orders

Operation: Music, Week 6

Francis Pedraza
Jul 15 · 2 min read

Okay, where are we at in the narrative of the summer?
It is easy to lose track of the narrative.

By the end of August, we are going to be:
— an ORGANIZED company,
— with a clear STRATEGY,
— that DEPLOYS on a regular cadence,
— across ALL TEAMS,
— in a coordinated, systematic and rhythmic way.

THAT is Operation: Music.

HERE are its sub-Operations:

— Operation: Tentacles > I’ve implemented a General Management Framework and am extending it to reach all company stakeholders.
— Operation: Aurora > Scheduled communications to partners and agents to align everyone on our company goals and reinforce cultural values and principles.

— Operation: North Star (OKRs) > Two weeks ago, we CLOSED OUT Q2 OKRs. Last week we drafted Q3 OKRs. By the end of this week, we will have FINALIZED Q3 OKRs. This will be the first OKR deployment that INTEGRATES OKRs across all teams and ANCHORS them against KPIs.
— Operation: Grandmaster (Strategy) > By August 14th, we will have a unified company strategic roadmap to Series A that integrates the strategies of all teams.
— Operation: Compass (Effort well spent — Asana) > By August 14th, all partners will be successfully using our new Asana architecture and protocols.
— Operation: Chronograph (Time well spent — Agile) > Last month, we implemented a unified company calendar. Now we’re building a machine to build and organize slides for every meeting.
— Operation: Shakespeare (Communication) > Last month we switched from Discord to Slack and began reinforcing communications protocols across all platforms.

Shane will take on other big projects in the fall, but this should give us a strong foundation by the end of the summer.

Aimee is organizing both EXT and EST (Team Keats’) backlog, so that we’re ready to expand our operations by 01 August.

NEXT WEEK, I will report on all the Operations going on across ALL TEAMS.
I’m excited for that.


Invisible: Strategy

“The general who wins makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.”

Francis Pedraza

Written by

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Invisible: Strategy

“The general who wins makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.”

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