Invisible’s current brand is so lame it makes me want to throw up

Gunar Gessner
Jul 22, 2018 · 2 min read

To: the people who are shaping our brand.

Watch this: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Now compare Apple’s branding and ours.

At the core, we are everything Apple was and more.
But we’ve been terrible at marketing it.

Invisible is not about using automations to increase our clients’ margins.
Invisible is not about taking care of your work so you don’t have to hire and manage people.
We just happen to do it.
Yet, that’s how we’ve been defining ourselves so far.

By defining ourselves as such we’re limiting our potential as a company.
I want people to trust any and whatever product Invisible might release in the future.
Because I want to build a 1,000 more products with this company while I am alive (think Google/Alphabet).

What is at the core of our company?
What are our beliefs?

A few things are clear to me.

I believe that we can change the course of human history.

I believe that by allowing leaders and experts of the world to focus on their craft (by delegating their chores to us) we’re creating the greatest leverage the world has ever seen.
Life is short. We’re giving brilliant minds more time and thusly more life.
I truly believe this.

I’m not an idealistic capitalist. Capital won’t solve all of the problems of the world.
I know that some people will want to pay us to do obviously evil stuff.
This is why I want us to publicly declare a list of principles that will help us, in practical terms, to decide whether we’ll take certain jobs or not.
I believe we should take no part in aiding human trafficking, for example.

I also believe that our Agents are willingly choosing to work for us.
And that they’re happy for the opportunity and are better off with us.
I believe that we give opportunity and resources for Agents to learn and improve so they can become partners and clients one day.
We don’t have a specific structure in place right now to allow them to be promoted but I believe that we all know it’s just a matter of time.

I believe that we’re creating a global platform of labor on a scale that never existed before.

On a specific note, I think we could phrase our services as “we solve the invisible problems”.
Humans are great at getting used to frustrating shit.
Our first challenge is to make our clients see (again) the frustrating things in their lives, in their routines. They’ll never be able to delegate work to us if they don’t even see it.

^ This is The Invisible Problem.

“Automating repetitive digital work” is lame and is not worth my time on this earth.
But, it can be the proof, the means through which we actualize our beliefs.

Let’s make sure we don’t forget that.
Let’s make sure we communicate that.

Thank you for reading this humble sober late-night rant.

Invisible: Technologies

Humans to do the work, technology to coordinate humans.

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Invisible: Technologies

Humans to do the work, technology to coordinate humans.