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The Capitalist Worker’s Revolution

Francis Pedraza
Mar 2, 2018 · Unlisted

Invisible is a capitalist worker’s revolution. 70% of the world makes less than $10 per day. 50% of the world is on the internet. Connection speeds are finally FAST. English is the lingua franca. Labor costs are approaching zero, like processing power — but nobody is taking advantage of it in the same way. The average knowledge worker that makes over $100K a year spends 10 to 20 hours a week doing repetitive digital work that could be done for them by an intern or assistant. They don’t have time to build an army: to hire, train, manage, secure, delegate and coordinate workers to execute hundreds of specialized processes. But we do. We’ve built 300+ processes so far for our clients at over 50 companies. Clients can text, email, Slack message their bot, or call their bot by voice or video to talk to a human assistant live. Once a process is in place, it runs on our digital assembly line 24/7.

With agents in 12 countries — Kenya, Ghana, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and the United States — we’ve created over 50 game-changing career opportunities to enter the digital class. We’re building a meritocracy, where an agent that starts as low as $1.50 an hour can someday make up to $22.50 — an extraordinary income in most developing countries — by doing more and more challenging work. For every entry role we hire for, over 15 people apply — mostly referred by other agents, who think it is the best job they’ve ever had in their lives. The future of education is apprenticeship: we teach agents everything from how to use enterprise software applications, to how to use design thinking to empathize with a client’s business problem in order to upgrade a process, to how to read the great books of history, like Sun Tzu’s Art of War, to achieve practical insights that they can use to create value for the company and advance their career.

The culture is imbued with romantic capitalist values. These are just a few: heroism (be insanely ambitious, you should want your boss’ job, you have a moral obligation to seek power and use it for good, the modern knight fights abstract dragons), challenge (welcome adversity, struggles and suffering, steel yourself for the worst, challenge problems to a duel, seek the widest possible stage for your talents, identify and solve for the biggest problem you can find), meritocracy (create and measure the value you create, strive to be the best), ownership (you are the CEO until told otherwise), collaboration (solving problems together benefits everyone), competition (if you outperform you will be rewarded), glory (do the great work of your life, here and now, the work that you were made for, and that you will be remembered for — seek your aristeia moment), truth (seek the truth, express yourself freely, confront problems head on, be as transparent as possible, don’t hide the bad and the ugly, stand up for your opinion by engaging in debate, change your mind when you’re wrong), and intensity (work HARD, don’t waste time, the more fully you absorb yourself in your work, the more aggressively you work, the better you work).

50% of our agents are women. But despite our racial, national and gender diversity — and despite our culture of free thinking and debate — we are of one mind: the more repetitive digital work we automate, the more creative, strategic, connected, focused, productive — free and wealthy — we become. Robots teach us what humans are. And the world has not yet seen the power of the human spirit unleashed by technology.


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