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7 Bots Every Telegram Channel Owner Should Know About

Telegram channels are a tool for broadcasting your messages to large audiences. Telegram channels appear just like a normal chat, but work one-way (you post, others read).

Telegram channels functionality is pretty limited. Posts in channels can’t be commented, there are no likes/dislikes and scheduled posts. Luckily, there are some very useful Telegram bots that can extend basic channel functionality and make your Telegram channel more engaging.

With the help of the bots described below you’ll be able to:

  • create Markdown/HTML formatted posts with reaction buttons, comments section, attached media;
  • schedule posts and add self-destruction timers;
  • check channel stats;
  • build a feedback bot for your channel;
  • create polls;
  • search and post gifs;
  • manage your rich-text articles in;
  • charge a subscription fee for joining a private channel.

Let’s get started!

1. BotFather

BotFather is the official Telegram Bot used to create bots and change settings for existing ones.

You’ll need BotFather even if you’re not going to make your own bots as a bot developer. Some bots for Telegram channel admins will ask you to use BotFather to generate Telegram Bot API tokens. So it’s good to get familiar with this procedure before we go any further.

Creating a new Telegram bot is pretty straightforward.

Just open BotFather, send /newbot command, pick a name and a username:

Great! Now your bot is created.

It has Telegram username (SuchSupportBot in this case), public link ( and you have token (red string) to control it.

You might need to go through this procedure multiple times, to make different bots for your Telegram channel.

2. ControllerBot

ControllerBot is a feature-rich bot for Telegram channel owners.

It allows you to:

  • write rich-text posts with Markdown/HTML markup;
  • add reaction buttons (Emoji, text or both);
  • add button to open post comments;
  • schedule posts;
  • add self-destruct timer for temporary posts;
  • see channel stats.

Here is an example of how post reactions can be added with ControllerBot:

3. SuchChatBot

SuchChat is a feedback bot constructor.

With SuchChat, you can build a simple support bot like this one:

Your users will chat with the support bot, you will use a web application to chat with them:

Feedback bots like this one can be used for everything: channels, group, bots and even websites.

4. VoteBot

VoteBot is a bot for creating polls in Telegram. Polls can be shared with friends or published in channels and groups.

Using VoteBot is very simple:

When poll is created, type @vote in your channel to open polls list:

5. Giphy GIF Search

Giphy GIF Search is a bot for searching and posting gifs. It can be used with channels as well.

Type @gif with a search query in your channel and gif suggestions will show up:

6. Telegraph is a minimalistic publishing tool, that allows you to create rich-formatted posts with images, videos and other embedded stuff.

Telegram supports Instant View for the posts published with It allows to read your posts right in the Telegram app, without visiting any other websites.

To manage your publications and log in across any number of devices try the official Telegraph bot.

7. InviteMember

InviteMember is a bot platform for subscription/membership bots.

With InviteMember you can charge a subscription fee for access to your private Telegram channel. Recurring payments are also supported.

A subscription bot built with InviteMember can look like this one:

After receiving a payment, bot can send invite links. So the process is fully automated.

More InviteMember features are described on the official site:




Paywall for Telegram channels and groups

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