Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Telegraph + InviteMember = Your Complete Solution For Paid Newsletters In Telegram

Telegraph is a tool for Telegram that allows you to create richly formatted publications with photos, videos, and other embedded content.

Telegraph publications appear in channels with an Instant View button, allowing readers to open articles with zero page-load time. If compared to following an ordinary link — it will launch the browser first, and then you will have to wait while everything is loaded. Telegraph works instantly!

Another cool thing about Telegraph is that it doesn’t even require you to register — just open and start typing in a minimalistic distraction-free interface. Then click Publish and put the link in your channel.

For pro writers we strongly recommend using the @Telegraph bot. The bot will help you to log in and edit your articles from multiple devices.

With Telegraph your channel will look and feel like a mainstream media, but better. It will be yours.

The last piece of mosaic to build a paid newsletter in Telegram is InviteMember. It’s simply a paywall service for your channel. Telegram doesn’t have any built-in paywalls, so InviteMember simply fills this gap.

In InviteMember you simply select your channel, enter subscription plans and pricing details, and after that, you have your own customized bot. No coding required! This bot will be used by your readers to get info about subscription costs, to pay and to gain access to invite link to join your channel.

To summarize, here is your plan for starting a publishing business in Telegram:

  1. Create a private Telegram channel.
  2. Publish some articles on Telegraph, using the official @Telegraph bot to manage them. Then post links to your private channel.
  3. Build your own paid subscription bot with the InviteMember bot.
  4. Connect your Stripe account with InviteMember (or just set your bitcoin address instead).
  5. Tell your audience that you now have your own private Telegram channel and give them a link to your subscription bot.

And there you have it — a real working publishing business in Telegram!

Of course, not everything in independent publishing is that easy. The most interesting and complicated part is, probably, growing and maintaining your audience. But we’ll get to that another time.

Tech stack described above is very simple; it contains a mobile-first mentality and provides a great user experience for both you and your readers. Publish in Telegram! Your readers will thank you for it.